The broken heart | Reviewer: Angel from heaven | 8/18/07

I did like to say if you have'nt became famous then noone will be there for you.Now you got everything and everyone wants you.Just trust noone .Everyone is a fucker even I.Now you got everything doesn't mean that you are not the one who is special .If you really wanna be special then help others.Then you will be special not in the hell world but you will special for all the heart that seeks your help.I know its your life and leave it your own.IF YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE NOT DEVIL ANYMORE THEN SPREAD PEACE THEN SOON YOU WILL ENJOY LIFE.REST IS IN YOUR DECISION.ALWAYS FOLLOW THE WAY THAT YOUR HEART TELLS YOU

gnr | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/07

i think gnr shud do another tour to end their career at least cus otherwise listenin to da records all the time is getin fkin borin

appetite for g`n`r | Reviewer: harry haller | 8/4/07

First of all,I have to say that I hate the song "Knocking on heaven`s door".But the first album(appetite for destruction)is the only album(ever recorded)that I love in its entirety.If you can`t feel nothing else in the songs of this band,you will at least wish to jump when listening their songs.Than they`ll slowly make you love them.

Guns 'n Roses Rocks 4 eteRnity | Reviewer: verdy | 8/2/07

i'm the one of slash biggest fans. I hope can meet him sometime 'n Rock this world 2gether

Guns 'n Roses Rocks 4 eteRnity | Reviewer: verdy | 8/2/07

i'm the one of slash biggest fans. I hope can meet him sometime 'n Rock this world 2gether

GUNS ROCK by Mark | Reviewer: Mark | 7/26/07

guns and roses is the best band ever made!!! As u see slash's talent in the electric guitar and axl rose's awsome voice guns and roses have reached were no one n the history of rock reached!! So dont cry every1 because they are still in our heart!

lob u olwayz | Reviewer: SuSaNNaH!!! | 7/25/07

WeLL i hab been listenin 2 them since ma childhood!!!!m a guitarist n gr8 fan of slash!!!AxL has such a gr8 voice.i like esp. hiz voice in don u cry!!i olwayz wish their com bak coz m juz 15 n i hab jus watched them in tv!!!plz AxL(gNr) B bak 4 meh......

Guns n Roses r da shit!! | Reviewer: Vinashay | 7/18/07

Hau, im only 15 an i rekon they're still one of the best bands around, jus lyk metallica, ac/dc, an aerosmith bro.

oh yea, 1 more thing...
(best rugby team in da world!)

guns n roses | Reviewer: erblin | 7/4/07

guns n roses are very very best for me.axl rose and slash are the best,so also guns n roses.they are very ok song

they are awesome | Reviewer: Anjan | 6/30/07

they are awesome and brilliant.there songs like sweet child of mine, knock knock and others are all time favourites of mine.

Guns N' Roses-->The best band in the world. | Reviewer: Katrina | 6/25/07

Guns N' Roses is the best badn to ever coem to Earth. The fact that they became what people say "uncool" in the eartly 90's is because those people have no taste in music. GNR is raw and exciting. With Axl's scratchy sexy voice and Slash's amazing bass talent it made everything else come together. When you listen to GNR a rush of adrenaline and energy just comes over your body and thats what music is supposed to do. "Welcome to the Jungle" is and will forever be my favorite song. All I have to say now is ROCK ON GUNS N ROSES & I LOVE AXL ROSE!

The best band on the earth | Reviewer: Axl | 6/17/07

They were SO FINE,SWEET,CRAZY,NICE BOYS,ONE IN A MILLION but they will come so DON'T CRY!!!

they were the best rock band ever | Reviewer: rijan | 6/3/07

even though i wasn't born durin it's dayz ... as i listen to their music ... it feels good n maks me think dat there were such a great band in those days ... sometimes i think being on those days ... watchin slsh goin wild ona stage along with XL ... GNR was/is great!

GNR Rocks ...

Guns N' Roses kick Ass!!!!! | Reviewer: Sarai | 5/29/07

Guns N' Roses always gonna be number one. They have millions of fans and i really think they should get back together. Well, at least i'll have the greates honor of watching them this third at Guadalajara Mexico. GUNS N' ROSES WILL LIVE FOREVER.!!!!!!!!!!

sickest band to ever rock the earth | Reviewer: a-rash | 5/18/07

GNR is the sickest band ever to rock the face of the Earth axl is the greatest frontman evr im suprised he doesnt get at of breath so easily with all that dancing singing and running , slash is one of the top 3 gutarists ever sorry Mr.Hudson(if ur a true gnr fan u know who that is) got to give props to Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen they have the number one song about L.A. (welcome to the jungle) all my favorite songs are from them:

1)Night Train
2)Welcome to the Jungle
3)Sweet Child O' Mine
4)Paradise City
5)You Could Be Mine
6)Garden of Eden
7)Rocket Queen
9)My Michelle
10)Its So Easy
11)Civial War
12)November Rain(espcially in the video, the part of Slash's guitar solo outside the little church)
13)Reckless Life
14)Knocking on Heavens Door
17)Ain't It Fun
18)Hair of the Dog
19)Live n Let Die
20)Right Next Door to Hell
21)One in A Million
22)Since I Don't Have You
23)Perfect Crime
24)Bad Apples
25)Sympathy for the Devil
26)You Aint the First
27)Bad Obsessions
28)Back Off Bitch

im such a fan i did this during class and im only 15