guns n roses?? their gods dudes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/08

i started to listen to their songs since i born..slash is my favorite cause his style while he plays the guitar is amazing!!!!!!!!!if only i could talk to him :( axl rose is the best singer ever!!!duff,i love his hair!!mat sorum is the best drummer, now his body is cool
!!and clarke,mmm,is good,just like dizzy!!!!!

Slash. | Reviewer: Skippi | 1/10/08

Guns N' Roses is am amazing band but they should NEVER get back together, Axl is suh a fking cry baby.... Slash is amazing tho. Velvet revolver is doing great.. and any one who says slash doesnt belong is an faggg...

The original GNR should not reunite!!! | Reviewer: jrod2390 | 1/8/08

Guns and Roses was a good band but not because of Axl. Axl did contribute a lot but overall he was an unprofessional pain. Showing up late to shows? The only thing that is worse than that is not showing up at all. Also it is very unfair that Axl would even try to use all of GNR's old songs and not give any of the other members any money. After all the most he ever put into the music is his lyrics. Velvet Revolver is doing great. I agree its not like GNR but its still very good. And anyone who says that slash doesn't fit into velvet revolver is making themselves look like idiots. It is mostly the same GNR crew except for the fact the Axl is out of the picture and they have a different rythm guitar player/singer

w00t!! GNR | Reviewer: Aadin | 1/3/08

I wanna know what happened to all of the other band members if they died or not moved to where no one will find them...(Greg Brady Lives in Kenosha, WI) but if any one knows TELL ME!!!!

Guns N' Roses lyrics | Reviewer: jack dot | 1/2/08

Poetry? How do you describe their lyrics? Short stories? Fiction? Non-fiction?.........I don't know. What I do think though is their songs were open to interpretation. They were multifaceted, as were the band members, like all human beings. The new song "Better" all up sounds and reads pretty cool to me. Roll on Chinese Democracy!!!!

GnR | Reviewer: sweet child | 1/2/08

i woul say guns n' roses are my favorite band but i just wish they could all read this and get back together, cause axl is starting to look stupid, and slash is still rock'in, but common, we know he dosnt fit with velvet revolver, they are kinda fags...sept for duff ofcourse. i play bass myself and know a thing or 2 about music, but , quit doing drugs and just rock, theirs no hope in dope ;]

I'm a fan till i die | Reviewer: Grilo | 12/20/07

To me, Guns n' Roses is the best band ever formed. Unlike many other bands, GnR is not a one-hit-wonder band. They have tons of great songs and i could hear their songs every day and i wouldn't get tired of it. I'm a Guns n' Roses fan till the day I die.

gnr should reunite | Reviewer: roshan | 12/16/07

they are the best on the music world.they have rocked every one or atleast every one i know.but i think they should reunite and do 1 last world tour, one that would make a lasting memory in everybodies mind.they rock.

dude!!! | Reviewer: toila tumnus | 12/16/07

i freakin love guns n roses!!!!
they are definatley the best band ever!!!!
every one in that band was freakin hott...especially slash!!! woot woot!!! :DD
i love all of their songs and all of their albums, i am only 14 but i know all there is 2 know bout gnr.....go guns n roses woot woot!!!!

ehhmmm,, | Reviewer: grim | 12/2/07

GNR is a great band with obvious talent,
i wouldn't say theyer my fave in the world cuz their not but as i said they have talent and i listen to em once in a while

THE GREATEST ROCK BAND EVER | Reviewer: NiMi-BCB grassrutz mangi | 11/2/07

guns n roses is the greatest rock band ever to hit mother earth.They are better then the rolling stones, def leppard, INXS and all the other wanna-be's out there. I jus wish gnr can come and rock my nation, PNG.

Rae | Reviewer: Avery | 10/29/07

I Think Gun and Roses are amazing. I am only 14 i started listening to them about a year ago. They have changed my whole look on music. Oh and Axl Rose is the sexiest man alive!

guns-n-roses forever!!! | Reviewer: gabriella | 10/17/07

im 16 years old and ive been listening to guns-n-roses for the past 10 years...they are freaking auhsome!!! my mom and dad listened to them in the late 80's and i grew up listening to them...they ROCK!!!

I LOVE GUNS N' ROSES!!!! | Reviewer: Luisa Sanchez | 9/21/07

Yeah i just wanted to say that i love Guns N' Roses sooo much! They are like the best band from the 80's! I love Axl Rose! Oh yeahhh! :] My two favorite songs of theirs are Welcome To the Jungle and Sweet Child O' Mine! But i do gotta give props to Paradise City!!!! GUNS N' ROSES ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!! :]

They will always be the BEST ! | Reviewer: Gaurav | 8/28/07

They wud the best band ever, with perfect combination ! November rain, don't cry, estranged - incredible songs by them.