REUNION | Reviewer: Sid | 7/14/08

i wish that Steven(drums), Slash(lead) , W. Axl .ROSE (vocals), Duff(bass), Izzy(rhythm) reunite again to rock the world so that i can witness them in front of my eyes!! cause GN'R is my best band in the world and the thing that i wanna witness them in front of my eyes is that when i was young old members had split up!!! and this is the sad part for me.

Long live Guns N' Roses | Reviewer: TheAlchemist | 7/8/08

I'm currently in a melodic metal band. One of my greatest influences is and always will be the musical genius of Guns N' Roses. From my point of view, GNR don't exist at this point in time, not without key players like Slash, Sorum, Stradlin and Duff teamed up with Axl. Stop acting like bitches and bring back the real GNR!! We need real rock, and Velvet Revolver's Contraband gave me some high hopes, but they screwed it up with Libertad. The undeniable fact is that no band could ever replicate or better the masterpieces created by GNR. I wish that guys like Slash and Axl would read these reviews, so they can see the craving for some more of their magic. The kind if magic they can't create without each other. I don't need to say this, because GNR will stand the test of time, but here it goes...."Long live Guns N' Roses, the true gods of rock!"

GNR | Reviewer: one of the fan of GNR | 7/7/08

since the age of 10 i listen to GNR and i fucking love this band NOVEMBER RAIN is just fuckin' Great.My wish is just that they decide to come back again make a new album which will be sell all over the world.
GNR forever sorry i mean GUNS N' ROSES FOREVER such great band should have some respect na!

slash n xl only can give real taste of music | Reviewer: pranay | 4/15/08

i m great fan of gnr i couldnt sleep with out hearing song NOVEMVER RAIN. i like their all songs.. xl could flow his voice with slashs.s guitars freet.. wat de fuck happened to them...
their songs will last till this fuckin world lasts....

G N R | Reviewer: andrew | 4/11/08

you know what we need???we need G N R 2 come back so they can kick the ass out of those new gay, "cool" bands like the emos of AFI and the gaywads of Moderrato.those bands wouldnt of done nothing if it werent for G N R.


gnr | Reviewer: joseey | 4/5/08

duudess seriously i think that guns n roses are the best band in these planet well they were fukkin axel hade to kill it wen he brought out hes new gay band ttryieng to be like the old guns n roses but axel back to reality slash is the only guitarist that will make that hapen axel ur just greety i love ur style tho!!

Who The Hell Cares | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/08

Man wtf guns n roses is the best motha fukin band of all time.. even my kids listen to them... i think they should go out with a big bang and play one last show in winnipeg :):)

man there fukin gods

amen brothers gnr 4 life

I agree with Jrod2390 | Reviewer: Zack | 3/28/08

I do agree with that Jrod guy, But even if Axl put away his differences, Slash would not go back into GNR because of the simple fact that Axl was a complete boob with the band no offense to Axl. Slash right now is making it big time, he is doing what he is passionate about, Making the type of music what he likes, thats where I get my inspiration from when I do my guitaring and lyric writing for my band. But if I did have a wish it would be for all of them to put away their differences and become one again... Let Guns N Roses rest in peice.

Guns N Roses | Reviewer: Brittany | 3/8/08

Guns N roses is the best rock band ever and they will always be. I wish they will bring back the kind of rock of back then when they had good rock music. Now we listen to stupid shit about sex, drugs mostly all of that shit. It would be cool if they came back. I love there song SWEET CHILD O' MINE and the best of all NOVEMBER RAIN. They are the best hard rock band ever and will always be.

GNR | Reviewer: CHR15 | 2/27/08

I agree with yall, i wish that i ve been born in the 80s so i could ve enjoy the GUNS N ROSES era, but for me theyr are the best of the best, i just hope that they come back and Axl stops being so selfish and a cryn baby, oh Guns N Roses please come back im only 14 and im already sick of this shit music!!!!!!!!!!!!!, shit music!!!!!! from nowadays, we need bands like GNR to kick those trash bands asses, i love singles like sweet child o mine, welcome to the jungle, paradise city,
Mr. Brownstone, Youre Crazy, ALL APETITE FOR DESTRUCTION, and others like Dont Cry, Patience, Civil War, ESTRANGED!, Garden of Eden, Knocking on Heavens Door, and the best song ive heard in all my life NOVEMBER RAIN!!!!!!!!!, GUNS N ROSES ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4EVER

Guns N' Roses | Reviewer: villi | 2/14/08

i have listen to guns n roses since my brother gived
me my first album "apititte for distruction" i was in 2. grade and ive learnd all the lyrick at all albums and dvd's guns n roses are the best hard rock , metal band ever

where are you!? | Reviewer: joker | 2/1/08

Ive bin listening to guns n roses since i was in gradeschool, i love their songs specially that don't cry! i wish that they would come back to prove that their still number 1. So my friends would stop listening to other bands. haha!

Somethingg.:) | Reviewer: Andrea | 2/1/08

Omg, guns n roses is like the ultimate band!
Too bad axl is such a cry baby.
Slash is amazing and so is everyone else..
Slash is my hero!<3
Rockk on!

I thought that | Reviewer: Jkup | 1/31/08

i once heard that axel was jealous of slashs' attention so he snuck into the recording studio at night and cut out the guitar from one of there songs. slash eventually found out, quit the band, and never forgave axel to this day

rock on dude!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: rock on dude!!!!!!!!!! | 1/20/08

guns n roses r wkd. they r the bst rock band ever. there music including november rain n sweet child o mine are two of the greatest song ever made. i hope that they cud make a comeback