axl rules forever!! | Reviewer: Annami | 8/20/05

Guns and fricking roses is the best band in the world!!!
I'm only 15 but they are my utmost favorite band, and axl rose is soooo hot too!! (ok o he's 28 yrs older than me, but who cares?) and slash is hot too, and they are all talented, it's just a pity that drugs and personality clashes had to get in the way of their artistic abilities, if your a fan too, email me,

Welcome to the jungle | Reviewer: Vik | 7/2/05

I think they been the gods of rock n roll.There`s no other band who had Sex,drugs and rock n roll life like them.They are the same on stage with crowd and at home with their own grandmother...
They were drinking all day, having sex all day.....Rockin all day.
They were true rockstars.....They lived with rock n roll and i respect that.
They did all what they want....They played all what they want...They were just like their fans want them to be..
Slash,Duff,AXl....rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guns N' Roses are still the best!! | Reviewer: Jarryd | 7/1/05

I have always liked GN'R and always will. ever since i heard "Sweet Child O' Mine" i was hooked. i think that slash is the greatest guitarist in the world duff rocks. some of my favourite songs are:

1) Patience
2) Civil War
3) Don't Cry
4) November Rain
5) Night Train
6) Ain't it Fun

i think that they created some of the best riffs and solos that i have ever heard. they need to come back together and do another tour or something like that because i would be right up the front screaming my head off. GN'R are the best.

Guns 'N Roses Still rule..... | Reviewer: Rahul | 5/24/05

I guess its the greatest Rock which went out of order due to personal egos and individual pursuits. It consisted of one of the most talented rocksters ever. Slash I consider the greatest of all the Gutarist with the Hard Metals. Axle Rose + Slash redifned the definition of Hard Rock Each song is crafted amazingly andthe combination is deadlier than anythign else in Modern Hard Rock. I guess they are the greatest Musicians but I would miss the Band especially Slash who has a new rock Band Velvet Revolver which has a new Grammy award winning Song 'Slither'..

Guns N' Roses r great! | Reviewer: Hannah Cochrane | 5/14/05

I have only just got into the whole 'old music' scene, as my friends would call it. Guns N' Roses are probably the most spectacular band of their time, I think. My favourites are
1. November Rain
2. Don't cry
3. Welcome to the Jungle
4. Sweet child 'o' mine
5. Patience
I love Slash's guitar playing, he truely is an artist. I cant believe i didnt know about this stuff before, I'm so slow... G N' R rule!

Guns N` Roses Rule...... | Reviewer: Qutub Owaisi | 4/15/05

G N`R is my Favorite and will remain My Favorite Band ever......Axl,Slash,Duff,Izzy,MAtt,Dizzy nad Steven are all the best ...... Axl`s voice , Slash Guitar , Duff and The lyrics Tht Izzy wrote for G N`R r amazing.... My Favorite Song Of G N`R r
2.)Sweet Child of Mine
3.)November Rain
4.)Knock On Heavens Doors
5.)Paradise City
6.)Dont Cry
7)Live Ant Let Die
8.)Perfect Crime
and many more.......... All the songs R Great..... G N`R NEVER LIES.....

GNR = Greatest band ever | Reviewer: Nick | 3/26/05

Guns 'n' roses is the only band where all the members are really famouse. you have to check out Use your illusion II live in tokyo dvd to see mat sorrum at his best. steven adler was good but not half as confident in his playing as Mat Sorrum. Check out that same dvd for Duff Mcagan and his bass solo's. Find me a bassist better than Duff Mcagan. e-mail me the name of a better bassist. you can't. he doesn't fade into the background of the music like every other bassist. Izzy stradlin, Axl Roses, and Slash speak for themselves. And Dizzy read doesn't do anything complicated, but you have to hear his piano solo in estranged to see how great he is. Guns 'n' Roses is by far the greatest band ever.

The best rock and roll band ever! | Reviewer: William "Heavy Fuel" Vogt II | 1/19/05

I think Guns N' Roses are the best band I have ever heard in my life. They
got great albums and great music. They have great instruments and Slash
is really the best guitarist. My 5 personal favorites of all time by this
artist are here.

1. Sweet Child of Mine
2. November Rain
3. Paradise City
4. Welcome to the Jungle
5. Knocking on Heavens Door (Bob Dylan cover)

i think they are great | Reviewer: | 12/6/04

i guess guns n' roses were great and they have their great songs like estranged,don't cry,yesterdaysand november rain.
please send me if you think so