GNR rockz! | Reviewer: Cindy | 5/16/07

if only the band had not broken up this GNR band will always be the best and collest rock and roll ever.....!!!!

EVER-GREEN BAND | Reviewer: Dev Thapa | 5/2/07

I think dat dis band is lord of rock lovers. 1980's songs r still goning on n da craze hvn't get less dan in 19th century . Becoz all da songs r so heart beating , mind blowing n sensestive............They hv amazing singing style(guy style)ugly looks but wonderful presentation...
Their flower of songs Don't u cry , sweet child O mine, Paradise city n estranged r evergreen n it will never fade..

love em' | Reviewer: crystal | 2/22/07

i love guns n' roses they are the best band ever i grew up w/ their music both my parents love you keep the great songs coming.

love em' | Reviewer: crystal | 2/22/07

i love guns n' roses they are the best band ever i grew up w/ their music both my parents love you keep the great songs coming.

gnr4life | Reviewer: matt | 2/12/07

guns n roses was the sickest band from a while ago... now with only rose left from the original band they suck.

OMFG | Reviewer: CHALIMAR | 11/2/06

OMFG... guns n roses have been my favorite band since i was like 3.... i am 16 and they rock so much... it sucks that they broke up and slash's new band sucks cuz william (axl) isnt singing and people say that gnr's new guitarist is even better than slash and i find that to be a bunch of bullshit... no one will ever be as good at the guitar than slash... and axl makes the band complete... i love these guys. i know all their songs. i know all their shit... i live for these people


wow | Reviewer: nicole | 10/6/06

I love gnr.. they rock so much.. I just saw em in Nottingham like a few months ago, and wooooooow they were sooo amazing!! i love em so much, they are like a drug for me. And Axl, man he sure is hot!! Im 13, and its a bit wierd but i love him sooo much he's so sexy! and all the rest of em are aswell, especially duff!!! cya x

awesome | Reviewer: i'm not revealing that | 9/19/06

GNR has to be one of the best bands in teh world. they seriously rock.
Them along with ACDC, The Offspring, ZZ Top, Van Halen, Led Zepplin and so on rule my world. they seriously keep me up at night.
best songs in my opinion are
1 night train
2 somewhere over the rainbow(i no its all instramental but that can be a good thing)
3.paradise city
4 sweet child o mine
5 welcome to the jungle
yeah yeah yeah!

Hard , Dirty and rock n Roll | Reviewer: Daniel | 7/22/06

No other band i think in history says F*$K you like guns n roses , music had and edge to it i dont think has been ever matched.One of the greatest guitarists on the planet one of the most controversial singers and a bassist whos pancreas exploded by drinking too much vodka. Rock and Roll is guns n roses . *salutes*

lol | Reviewer: yea yea | 5/11/06

guns and roses was definatly one of the better bands at the time i love there songs especially sweet child o mine and knocking on heavens door but they all my favoite dont get me worng here but man there cloths look so gay...

Guns n' Roses-the best | Reviewer: ivan | 4/19/06

I think there was a lot of great bands but gnr is definetly the best!
There's no vocals such as Axl,Slash-that guitar,it's just amazing.
I can't forget Steven's drums,or Matt's,and Izzy's n' Gilby's guitar also,
but they ended like every other band,it's sad...
But I think their music still listen a lot,the most actually.
sorry for spelling I'm from Croatia.
One of the best songs:get in the ring(I like how they spit on every newspapers who printed lies about them),I think about you-amazing,if you're a fan-contact,my

There still Rockin | Reviewer: Varese | 4/15/06

Guns N Roses may have become "uncool" at the beginning of the 90's but today so many people are taking a step back and appreciating that raw ruthless vibe that Guns N Roses initially gave off from apetite for destruction. so many people are downloading and buying Guns N' Roses songs and i think they will be #1 again, it just takes time.

I luv them | Reviewer: Iona | 3/11/06

I total luv guns n roses. sweet child of mine paradise city n elcome to the jungle r some of the greatest songs of al time up the top with ac/dc!

Guns N' Roses. | Reviewer: Sarah | 2/1/06

Guns N' Roses is one of the greatest bands from the 80's, and their music is still going around. I love every one of their songs that I have heard so far. They are true Rock and Roll and to tell the truth; they're my all-time fav. band. Slash, Axl, Izzy, Duff, and Matt are amazing at what they do. I love how everything relates to their lives in a certain way. I love how Axl wrote down his songs anywhere he felt like, for example; pizza boxes. I find that very creative. I watched the Autobiography on VH1 and even though it was sad at times and very heart-breaking, I absolutely LOOOOOVE Guns N' Roses. I've become more into Rock N'Roll because of their music. Slash is soooo hott and Axl is soooo incredibly good-looking. Matt, Izzy, and Duff are as well very attractive. Gotta love those hot Rock n' Rollers! -Sarah.

guns n roses | Reviewer: el | 9/10/05

anybody ever listened to the live version of sex drugs n rock and roll?
anyone who loves guns n roses should its actualy the funniest thing i love it. anyway whats with the whole *old music* review above??????