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Performed by Guns N' Roses

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Great song, catchy lyrics, unlike a certain band with long title names | Reviewer: maplejet | 5/8/07

Such a shame they can't embrace this work of art even if the band went to hell as of recently. Anyways, regarding genres, I'd say this song and GNR in particular are more hard rock with some metal influences.

Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is brown and the girls are shity! | Reviewer: Tennis Freak | 4/14/07

Just kidding! This is a pretty cool song. Classic...but not my type. I prefer pop-punk / punk rock. Who ever said that this song is metal is really stupid. I read another review, and I agree...metal is really gay. Hard rock is okay, but Guns N' Roses are a little old. Whatever...

No Genres | Reviewer: Chuckles | 11/25/05

Why must music be placed into genres? By now, all the genres have mixed together and it is impossible to tell what genre a song belongs to. Paradise city rocks and that's all there is to it. It could be metal, or rock, or punk, but who cares?

I hate siamese cock sucker | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/05

Fuck no is Paradise City a fucking metal song. That is an insult. It is a great song that mixes hard Rock solos with pop like chorus's. Metal is gay, and Guns N Roses definitely aren't metal.

CTY Canon Rocks - G'n'R Style! | Reviewer: Siamese Ruler | 9/25/04

No CTYer in history has been known to get this song out of his or her head after a night of headbanging at the CTY dance.
That being said, headbanging and moshing is the main tradition of this song. But, CTYers who've been there for more than one year usually know all the lyrics, and sing along.
One of the all-time greatest metal songs ever is still revered properly- at CTY!
Peace, love, and CTY
The King of Siam

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