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Performed by Guns N' Roses

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A girl named (Michelle) | Reviewer: Michelle | 10/15/2007

Ha Ha thats such a true song for any Michelle thats out there you know you can relate, but you know what, all u men will always love us and wish "we" never left you> because u know we have a magical gypsy spirit to us and anybody whos been with a Michelle knows the magic and excitement we bring to your lives. You Just cant bear to live without us

this is one of the with guns 'n' roses | Reviewer: Máni Bodinaud | 1/8/2006

yeah this is rely good song it was played five times on a disco

Awsome | Reviewer: Phil Ellis | 4/12/2005

I would consider myself as a big Guns N' Roses fan and this one of my favourite songs by them. My Michelle is an awsome song and I urge you to buy or download it now! It's like the Sanitarium of Metallica.

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