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Performed by Guns N' Roses

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GN'R | Reviewer: Josipa | 9/21/10

Thank you Axl for this song, you are really one of the biggest artist ever. You really know how to make happy people around you and who listen your songs.
Keep on with Rock N' Roll and don't you ever give up from music!!!


Incredible | Reviewer: Julie P. | 12/22/08

I love this song totally! One of my faves on this album... Reading the lyrics while listening to the song made my eyes a lil blurry cuz reminded me of what I don't have... I had love once but now he's so far away from me even being so close, lost in the winter of his heart... Thanx Axl, such a beautiful song, I love the lyrics and the arrangements! You are a pure genius!

Thanx for coming back in the scene!

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