now I'm really confused! | Reviewer: Denise Weise | 6/24/14

I'm a chick of the 80's and 90's, so I def should know this one. At first, I thought GNR, then I remembered that's
Because of the rose reference. It's Poison. Then I decided to "Shazam" it! OMG!!! You will not believe what it came up with..... J.GILES BAND and the song CENTERFOLD!!!. I did it three times, same result. So WTF??

To my Idiot Music Teacher | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/12

This song WASN'T EVER covered or "originally made" by GNR. You're an idiot get your facts straight, cuz the comments above are the dang proof. Now QUIT telling kids, who are obviously as stupid as you are, that it was! Dumbass.

What the??? | Reviewer: annom | 12/17/10

Folks, either you are a music fan or not. Most obviously are not.

Fact: Song is written by Poison singer Brett Micheals.

Fact: laundromat yes, stripper no. It was his girlfriend, and a male voice was in the background.

Fact: Song was first of such acoustical ballads by a heavy metal band. It made history.

When you folks are done arguing, just watch youtube on the band that sings the song. Hint-- Guns is not the band.

The ABC's about this ERROR for you future commenters. | Reviewer: April | 4/10/10

A) It's A-X-L. Spell it right if you're going to label everyone else an idiot, you moron.
B) No, this is not a Guns song. Never has been, never will be, and thank God for that.
C) No, Guns NEVER did a cover of it. Brad is lying, as is anyone else who thinks this is true. Because...
D) Guns and Poison HATED one another.
E) Wikipedia is written by morons just like you. Don't believe everything that you read.
And finally, F) Axl Rose could write better lyrics than this crap any day of the damn week.


...idiots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/09

for everyone who thinks this is a poison song, YOUR RIGHT, sorry axle was never in poison, and gnr never covered this song. someone named BRET Michaels looks VERY similar to axle and is the person responsible for the song. that person named BRET Michaels is by the way in POISON. for people thinking "oh but axle did a solo of this song, i seen it on tv" your wrong again you seen BRET MICHAELS doing a solo on tv.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/09

Must be a lot of stupid dumb kids on this post... to get Poison ,and Guns and roses mixed is a shame .... Don't get me wrong both r great but Guns and roses could never do bed of roses, that would be like Poison re doing Sweet child o' mine
Check that for yourself ..

So that $50 your talking bout the other person keeps LOL

LOOSER | Reviewer: tracy brown | 3/17/09

l lost 10.00 on this bet today. i thought it was guns and roses too. but now i see so many conflicts on the subject i don't feel so damn stupid. i am a fan of both. and i still don't know if axle sang the damn song or not. whether if he did or didn't h wasn't the original so i still lost.

the idiot taking about wikipedia..... | Reviewer: lil'rose | 12/11/08

i just looked on wikipedia, and there is absolutely no link between this song and axl rose. anyone who thinks axl did a cover of his is delirious, or just a complete tool.

this lyrics link should be deleted.

You are wrong.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/08

Brett Michaels from Poison wrote this song!!!! Guns n roses never have and never will even touch this song!!!! I know for a fact that they never even covered it!!! Why?? I know Saul Hudson in person!!! Who is Saul Hudson...Slash!!!

Im a gnr fan but... | Reviewer: John | 10/3/08

im a gnr fan and always have and always will be but i kno for a fact that poison did this song originaly! to prove this why doesnt someone look up the release dates of both gnr's version and poison's... whether or not gnr's version is good or not they didnt make the original!!!

Wow! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/08

okay listen up everyone, Every Rose has its thorn isnt and never was a Guns and Roses song. It was released by poison in 1988 and was written by bret micheals, the lead singer of POISON in case you all didnt know that!. check it out if you want!

stardom knight | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/08

you guys are fucking wrong. the original was written by axl but by the lead singer of poison over a l.a. stripper who he was dating. when he called her one night a mans voice picked up. he wrote on a acoustic guitar while doing his laundry. its on wikipedia if u dont beleive me

no cover | Reviewer: Tanatie | 1/5/08

I've been a huge fan of gn'r and I pride myself on having most of their concerts as well as all the original and studio demo stuff and their solo projects and I've never heard of there being a's also the first time I've heard of axl being in poison...

G N' R | Reviewer: Brad | 11/19/07

Guns N' Roses did do the cover for poison. i just heard it. poison made the original but Guns N' Roses made it so better. they made the song come to life

what? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/07

GN'R did NOT do a cover of this song so you guy below me.. post a link of the GNR cover of this song and I will send you 50$ through paypal, I promise you dude, they never did this song