I still love GnR | Reviewer: Kei | 12/16/10

More peep tell me this album of GnR's so suck.
but I don't think that.
yea,It's not great like old GnR but Axl still brilliant & wil be forever.
I never forgot old GnR'r members 'cause they's so really great & i love old members.Especaily,Axl Rose!

Both great!!! | Reviewer: Hotrod | 8/30/10

Why is it when great bands split up people feel they have to choose sides? The fact is, Axl is a brilliant songwriter and lyricist. Slash is a phenomenal guitar player. This is why GnR was so successful. Because they are no longer together doesn't change these facts. We will never know all the reasons behind the break-up. One thing I do know however, is that whether you like Velvet Revolver or not, Slash is a top-notch guitarist-one of the best in the world. On the flip side, just because a person adores Slash and the old GnR doesn't mean that this album is shit. Anyone that says that wasn't really listening with an open mind. Axl is a perfectionist and will agonize forever over the simplest of details. This is obvious by the amount of time to put this album out. Do you honestly think he would have anyone play on his record that wasn't of the highest quality. Buckethead is a stupid name, but that does take away from the fact that his guitar playing is technically flawless. I can say that and still love Slash. You don't have to choose one or the other. I love Axl and Slash equally. They both specialize in different areas and they are both among the very best at what they do.

I like it | Reviewer: d3vil | 3/21/10

i like this album , i know that's not like old times , but , hey its a new age of axl and gnr
its better to support them and enjoy the talent of axl cause i belive on gnr , i wish he back on the top some day ,like old time !

reply to 3/11/08 | Reviewer: George | 1/20/10

"Chinese Democracy is going to make us forget there was an Old GnR and concentrate on the amazing talents of Axl and the new gang of Gn'R!!!"

how can you possibly say that? the old GNR was, is the best line-up of the band, any other arrangement Axl puts together would only amount to "The Best GNR' Tribute Band Ever." dont get me wrong, i am the biggest GNR fan and i think this is a really good album but to compare it to Appetite for Destruction is just insane. there are some really good songs on Chinese democracy but its not really as good as there orginal stuff and to be honest i dont even know who's in the band anymore but i will always remember the original; Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff, nd Steven. Axl is an amazing talent but i dont know if he'll ever be able to surpass Appetite for Destruction.

best sing-along-song of the album | Reviewer: bbblg | 8/31/09

the one thing that strikes me about catcher in the rye is how it seems to be the one song on the album that you can really sing along to. all the great GnR songs have been great to sing, and while these new songs are great to listen to, they aren't so good to sing, especially in the shower. but this song is awesome to sing, loudly and badly, anywhere you want.

GNR's best? | Reviewer: JMuth561@live.kutztown.edu | 6/14/09

This is a very painful song. It's got the crazy (and shocking) lyrics R.E.M. is so well known for, but still carries the same power as some of GN'R's best songs from the early 90s.

Sadly though, it hurts to hear so much about W. Axl Rose, when the song really is a collaboration of around a dozen artists from so many musical periods. The repeating verse with the extra 2 lines in its reprise symbolizes just how long it took to finish this album. Love never really dies, and neither does a good idea, but rather they get swept over over and over again...

GNR (Gotta Love Them) | Reviewer: Shorty | 12/31/08

For Christmas I first got the GNR Greatest Hits, which I really love. My aunt for Christmas gave me the GNR Chinese Democracy CD, and I fell in love with all of the music! I thought that I would only like the song "Better", but I listen to Catcher in the Rye and I thought that it was awesome! You ROCK GNR!

aidan1 | Reviewer: Gerry Chartrand | 11/25/08

This song is pretty awesome, the first time you feel something in it, then you play it again and you start to crave it. I hope theres more of this from Axl. He is definately one of the great vocals of all time. Pland, Axl, Steve Perry. They have such voices, that you know who they are, no matter who they play with. I hope you make it GNR, I've missed the lyrics and the singing. Excellent job guys.

A smathering of everything | Reviewer: nathan | 11/2/08

Wow, well, definitely different. Almost sounds like Soundgarden with that guitar effect over the vocals, like a swirling organ. The lyrics are pure Axl, constructed pretty comfortably. The addition of electronic drums threw me off in the middle, but like it was reviewed earlier, it definitely takes elements of Queen in its composition. Sounds like a song that plays over the ending credits in any misc. movie in the mid-90's. I'm just glad to see something coming of this project.

too late | Reviewer: Fredderick quecksilber | 4/6/08

Back to the basics.
I still love it but i miss the old character.

When all is said and done
We're not the only ones
Who look at life this way
That's what the old folks say
But every time I’d see them
Makes me wish I had a gun

dont take offence at my innuendo: queen