Axl Rose- Genius?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/08

this song is amazing, although it's not something you would like the first time you heard it. But after you listen to it a few times, you'll fall in love with Axl's new approach to this song, and that guitar solo is one of Brian May's best work yet. Coupled with There Was A Time, Better and The Blues, Chinese Democracy is going to make us forget there was an Old GnR and concentrate on the amazing talents of Axl and the new gang of Gn'R!!!

Wowzers | Reviewer: punkish88 | 12/4/07

I just heard this song for the first time. It's kinda weird and quirky and I sort of was mixed about it the first time. But, after listening the umpteenth time I have a new favorite song for 07. Is this album coming out soon? The song I heard sounds like it's done. Is there more new guns n roses stuff of this quality recording around. I searched around for at least an hour and only found stuff I've heard in the past, live stuff and obvious demo stuff. I can't believe there could be a new album from these guys soon and I can't believe it could be good. Does this mean the world is coming to an end?

Catcher In Rye - New Gnr | Reviewer: Soumyarya Mallick | 9/25/07

Its very tough to describe this song. Its different. The song doesnt follow a particular pattern.The lyrics are great.And as the theme of the song is "the making of unrequited love" , you often start to wonder the calibre of Axl Rose. At a time when everyone thought that axl rose is dead, here he is...he may be old ..but he is new. The song is very very soothing and touchy and makes you emotional. You are transported to a different world whenver you hear this song....rock on..rock on Axl!!! Rock on GnR and please release the album so that the whole could see that Axl is still the bloody best.

**Other fantastic songs from Chinese Democracy album are The Blues, Better, There was a time, Chinese Democracy, I.R.S

the last supper | Reviewer: blaise | 9/7/07

if you watch the version where it starts out with a black o being hung, little brothers become maryed and the roots as it is above so it is below becomes the secret arc.
did any one notice there wasnt an ash tray on the table. Theheh

Axl | Reviewer: matt | 8/28/07

I don't know but it seems to me that this song is more about axl than anything else, catcher in the rye is about a boy who essentially doesn't have to grow up (Axl maybe) this whole album or at least what I have heard so far seems to be a coming of age for Axl, his writing is alot more mature and at the age of 45 I think he is starting to grow up

who is the catcher in the rye.... | Reviewer: kit | 5/8/07

the song has a whole lot of emo. bob dylan said "we're all fighting a hard battle" and we are but why does our own self pitty drive us to insanity. Mark david chapman was the object of the song really...but it also spoke to everyone else. are we crazy? everyone wands an understanding shoulder to cry on. the world is madness but does it really have to be? We are "phonies" when we see our own defects in other people and hide them from the world because of our shame. we are human...we have a natural desire to belong...we struggle to get over and accept the past and also to accept the now and find ourselves through individuality. that's what life is...its a struggle with ourselves. and every now and then it drives people crazy. it drove that by to his wits end. but it wasnt the fault of the ideas from the book. that kid had a choice. we all have a choice. its how we make them that closes the gap between delirium and reality. The song's got flow in that respect.

pararel story lyrics | Reviewer: Dfux | 4/30/07

In my opinion this another great tune ...i trully think this will be a great after song everything┬┤s great you know..but in my point of view...and just my point of view I think the lyrics as something "between lines" o do with old guns n roses life style or former GnR Musicians...don t know..
But Great Song...Pure....bye bye heheh

wiseowl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/07

The story in the book has nothing to do with John Lennon.But the Lennon's murderer was carrying the book when he was arrested immediately after the murder. The story of the book is about 16year old teenager and his view on the world. The book was published in 1951. and become one of the most famous literary works of the 20th century.


Novel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/07

The lyrics are about the novel. The novel is told from the point of view from a boy who is in a mental institude.

Axl Rose , last ledgend | Reviewer: | 2/18/07

This personaly is my fav song from the new album its just one of those songs you think , how can they possibley think of this , just great , and i want to say the song i didnt like at the start was T.W.A.T took me a few times listening till i got into it but now i cant stop listening , but catcher in the rye is the best and i hear that sebastion bach has said his fav song is a song called SORRY which he has heard and i am realy wanting to hear that one