:) | Reviewer: Luke Sanden | 1/31/07

omgg. fuckin' greatest song ever. i love it. Chinese Democracy is gonna fuckin' rock. i would bet everything i own, that the album will hit. #1..

i love this masterpeice of a song. i can listen to it 1,000 times and not get bored of it.

its beautiful.

when i 1st heard it, i thought it mighta been about a boy commiting suicide, or some kids shooting up a place [like a school] but i guess its about the dude that killed John Lennon.


This song is fuckin' great

Epic | Reviewer: Jeff | 10/31/06

Very unique song. After two or three listens I couldn't get enough. One of the best songs I've ever heard. Pure genius...Axl is magic

Johan Stone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/06

I totally agree with this guy from the other review. It has a strange rhytmm, confusing but beautyful, it takes time to asimilate it buy once you listen to it a couple of times, you can get it out of your head, and that´s what I love about the new themes of GNR, at least the ones that Axl wrote. It has the same magic that TWAT. You might need some time to put all the pieces of it together, but that´s what get you so into it. I´ve never heard of the book, so I can´t say if the song says something about it, but I love this song and I´m looking forward to hearing the album.

other interesting songs from Chinese Democracy: T.W.A.T (There Was A Time), Better, I.R.S.

Instant Classic | Reviewer: Djoolz | 5/11/06

This song doesn't hit you straight away but it's one of those rare tracks that grows on you untill you realize it's stuck in your head for days. Apparently a ballad about John Lennon being killed by a crazy madman who identfied himself with the protagonist of the book Catcher in the rye, hence the title. Axl sounds emotional, and the song leans more towards Beatles indeed or Elton John even than towards traditional GNR. Subtle but beautiful guitar playing by Brian May is the icing of the cake. Only bad thing is that the best past of the song, a bridge that appears as a sort of pre-chorus after the first verse, sounds like an actual chorus and is sadly only featured once in the whole track.