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Performed by Guns N' Roses

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Better than old Guns? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/07

This song is absolutely brilliant. I'm addicted to that opening riff. I thought that the 'new' Guns would pale in comparison to the 'old' Guns..apparently not.

yeah | Reviewer: bea | 6/18/07

I love this song, but I miss the others, especially slash and Izzy. To bad it turned out the way it did. But this song Is really great, Love it =) " no one ever told me when I was alone "

Know we all Know Better! | Reviewer: XMr.BrownstoneX | 6/17/07

W.AXL ROSE is The Best Of the best!!!! The king of kings! The God of Titans! Axl rocks! This and all Axl's songs are the best in history! We all know that if Slash,Izzy,Steven and Duff were on the band will sound much better but is not like that and we have to deal with it,like it or not! So Axl Keep up the Good Work!!! And pls Reales the Album!!! Is already june 17 2007!!! Guns!!! N!! Roses!!!!

Finaly, AXL's seems to be back.. | Reviewer: Rémi(gnr)Rebel | 6/16/07

I'm a big fan of Axl, and finaly, he seems to get pass the problems with the old band. Sometimes, changes are good. Hope the rest of the album will be him like this one.

GNR's back in the METAL scene.


If ever..... | Reviewer: Bill | 6/12/07

It'll be a great album if it ever get released. I mean come on, after 10 missed released dates, you would think they would say it'll be released when it's released.

Impressive? Should be after 13yrs in the making | Reviewer: Div | 6/11/07

Must admit the new sound is impressive and has developed gnr for the "better". However after seeing velvet revolver and the new gnr, ive got to admit, GNR suck without the original members.
Axl still has this problem with thinking can turn up when ever he likes and get a great reception. Slash and duff still manage to turn up on time and act like they want to play a show. Credit where credits due, but gnr will never be what they could have been had the split never happened. Such a waste.

I cant agree with some of these reviews... | Reviewer: stone | 6/10/07

I cant agree with some of the reviewers who claim it is a better song than most that were recorded with the original band...come on people, those songs are classic, and have withstood the test of time of 20 plus years.

That said, it is still a great song, and it should be put out pronto on disc and shared with the world as a reminder of how a song should sound like in this day and age. Great lyrics and a hook that will stay in your head for days... these are the things a great song are made of.

Better | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/07

This song is way diffrent than any other Guns N' Roses song, when i first heard it iwas amazed, if Guns N' Roses ever puts out Chinese Democracy, emo, goth, and "alternitive" rock will be no more.

Check it out

Better LIVE | Reviewer: RedOne | 6/8/07

i liked this track but afther hearing it live in the Guadalajara concert it has become one of my favorite GNR songs (the thing is that the blues and madagascar are on the list as well so 3 "BETTER" songs in 1 album? i cant wait to hear the rest

awesome | Reviewer: david rose | 6/5/07

this is the best song to come out in the lastest music industry just heard it and it blew me to a new level

velvet revolver will never match axl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/07

this song is one of the best gnr songs they have ever made along side november rain and estranged, both written, might i add by axl, he is the musical genious and allways will be, slash is nothing without axl, thats why velvet revolver still has to play paradise city on thier live shows, all they can play is blues rock, this is original, new and fresh, the new guitarists Robin Fink, Ron Thal, and Richard Fortus are better than slash, technicaly and in the writing of the songs.

Great song | Reviewer: Brian | 6/2/07

Hmmm, Axl with his new band....

This song has been playing in my head since the first time I heard it. If the rest of the album is like this song, it's going to kill the new "emo" trend. Songs like this and "The Blues" make me hope to God that they eventually release this album. By the way, for all of you bashing Slash and Co., that was the past. However great it may have been, let the new stuff speak for itself. I can't wait to hear "new" GNR. Nice job Axl.

better | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/07

hey u little fucker below me. u have no fucking idea wut ur talking about.its not emo at all and u should fucking burn in u u no life asshole

Axl is GNR | Reviewer: evilstalkerhorne | 5/22/07

As a musician that is a singer also I must say that Axl has and is the main brain in G N R. That is how he got the name AXL remember...... the driving force. Anyway, great song but I like the Virus one and The Blues better (no pun intended)
Check me out at
I write good music also...... a bit different but good. (by this I mean it could be played with GNR Rolling Stones Asphalt Ballet Skid Row (Sabastian era) and other great groups without looking like it lacks.

i´ve heard "better" GnR | Reviewer: erik | 5/19/07

I agree it is a great song but its also a whole new diferent guns n roses, they just cant be compared with what they used to be because the style is diferent, Slash is a way greater guitar player, he may not play as fast as this guy does or know as many guitar tricks but you can`t compare the feeling Slash puts in his playing with the solos in this song...i`ve also fallen for this song but this is not the guns n roses i knew and grew up with...

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