perfect | Reviewer: Ekon Murry Nagaland | 5/16/13

The song meaning (lyric), the rythm and the tempo are uniformly matched. I love this song since I heard it for the first time. When I lost all my datas and mp3s, including this song, I googled this particular song with all my heart.SOOTHING AND RELAXING.

She Is So Attractive | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/11

I've fallen in love with this song since I heard it for the first time. Actually I'm not fond of other songs from Groove Coverage (including God Is a Girl), but She is an exception
, for She is so attractive. :-D

" She is the one u never forget..She is a story, story is she" That's really a lovely song than ever!!! | Reviewer: Anny | 4/4/08

Today is my SO bad day and i find this song in my friend's room. Oh my Godnish,i cant describle how i feel that time..I've heared it the first time 3 years ago by chance but i didnt know about the name..I've tried to find it for 3 years.This morning was so bad but i can hear the song which i love best ,the song that i thought that never can hear it again .Didn't know about the name, the lyric,the singer, just a litlle melody, that's all.. That's really so lucky 4 me than ever.I always think that " After the sorrow is double happy and after double unfortunate is four times lucky ". It's always true anytime for me and 4 all of you guy,believe me !!! Let's optimistic and live well always ! " She is the one u never forget..She is a story, story is she" I LOVE IT SO MUCH !! LIFE IS BEAUTFUL LIFE!!

She and law of Attraction | Reviewer: Aronx | 12/14/07

If You know the Law of Attraction, and it's teaching, listen to this song again. You will know what i'm talking about. Then also the title God is a girl makes perfect sense. Have a colorful life!

this song's touching my heart | Reviewer: Silvia | 8/3/07

i thought maybe there is a story in it.and in fact it's really a great story,a story about love.and i finally found that she's in his heart.she will be in his heart for a long matter how much i love him care about him i till can NOT touch his heart......

Pola | Reviewer: pola | 6/4/07

I love this song because when i listen to it i remind boy with my dreams :PP really

nice! | Reviewer: marta | 5/21/07

although i was really not fond of groove coverage before, i fell in love with this song first time i heard it, so beautiful! it just me, or...? | Reviewer: cruachan | 5/21/07

Have you ever thought of the subtext is "She" and "God is a gril"? I mean, both of these are 1. sang by a woman about a woman, and 2. show the girl of the subject as a goddess of some sort, and 3. "she's in you and me" and "she's always mine"...well, these lines are at least suspicious. Are you pondering what I'm pondering? Did we found two brand new pride-love anthems what shake our hearts and leave us with a happy feeling, just like Jill Sobule's "I kissed a girl", but are still more subtle and thus acceptable for our poor closet-dweller sisters?

one of my favorite songs | Reviewer: Rick Niel | 4/23/07

The song shows an attractive and sensitive girl,I like her

she - groove coverage | Reviewer: igniz17173 | 2/22/07

i like this song so much
no heavy background music
simple & lovely:)

I loved this song since i had heard it at the first time | Reviewer: MSD | 4/10/06

This is really great song, although i'm not loving but i love this song so much.

Thank to Groove Coverage, you have a lovely song.

she--grooove coverage | Reviewer: bill | 1/8/06

One of the greatest songs ever. I don't see why it hasn't caught on over here, maybe it just hasn't had enough exposure