Best Band 4-ever | Reviewer: Hillary Hilaary (Freya) | 2/16/09

hi groove coverage I thing your musik is the best musik i´ve ever heard! I wride some songs and I like million tears realy so my Brother had a realy good idea. he said that i could write a song to the melodie from million tears. My song is called million Years.Mayby You could write some new songs: I only want to say one thing: YOUR SONGS AND YOUR BAND IS THE BEST OF THE WORLD!

music | Reviewer: diego | 11/1/08

hey really ur music is so amazing
ı cant desribe that wif my words
ı hope so urs will make new songs
ı love ur all songs but my favorite moonlight shadow and far away from home
urs the best ever

THIS is music | Reviewer: Swati Nair | 7/5/08

I've never felt like listening to a song 25 times in a row before. Each song of yours is simply amazing. But my clear favourite is God is a Girl. I want to thank you for inspiring me with your music and someday I aspire to sing like you do. And now I'll say something that everybody says but I know you'll never get tired of hearing it - You are the best band ever and you are my absolute favourite. Thank you for your voice and music.
Swati - India

You are the best | Reviewer: Steven<>Scotland | 6/23/08

Groove coverage, you are just my absolute favourite group. I Can't wait for your new single to come out and hopefully you bring a new album out with it to!
Many people here in Scotland don't know who you are. When they ask me who you're favourite music group is I explain that it is you. They reply "who is that"
what ever they say you are the best and I will listen to you for the rest of my life!

Groove Coverage/Songs | Reviewer: Miaaa. | 12/5/07

Hallo Groove Coverage!
you have the most amazing songs that i have ever heard in my life. "Poison" & "21st Century Digital Girl" are my favorites, well every song of your are my favorites i love them all. and i love your band "Groove Coverage" even the title..
its just so awesome.I recommend everyone that dont know you to hear your songs,because the yare so awesome! I'm such a huge fan of yours!
Keep it up!
Your biggest fan,

Kayooul :) | Reviewer: Hope | 5/16/07

i think ur awsome! ur music is more mature than other dance music and 21st century digital girl really describes the modern day woman. my fave song is call me! i don't care what tabitha or anyone else says, i'm ur biggest fan!

About the artist/band Groove Coverage | Reviewer: Dave | 5/11/07

Hello Groove Coverage, I would just like you to know that I started to listen to your music only a few months ago, you are now my favorite band ever and I hope you will make more songs, I love the lyrics, I love the techno, its all so good. You've also made a few touching songs and they have made me think alot about life. You should really make some more songs because they are the best!
From Dave ---- Canada
Good luck!

Rocks. (: | Reviewer: ciacia`x | 3/15/07

hello Groove Coverage. i don't quite know you very well or listen to all of your songs before, because i've just got to know that there's such band existing. no offence, actually. it's just that i've only started listening to english songs last year. i've seriously liked your November Night for a very long time! (and, it's the only song i've.) it's touching, seriously! i think you should play more songs! they seriously ROCK alot, especially a few technos that i've heard. :D wish you luck! x]

poison | Reviewer: tabitha | 7/5/06

hi groove coverage y hav u stopped playing songs? ur songs are the best i have heard that is techno.I love ur song poison it rulz so much that all i listen to is that and from dht listen to ur heart.well i hope you make another song soon. ur biggest fan tabitha

Groove coverage | Reviewer: Philip Mauritzson | 5/14/06

I think that your band is the best band in the world...and l love the techno and dance music that you play a lot..specielly The Poisen and 7 years and 50 day...but have you band end?? it is gone 4 ever? why aren't you Groove Coverage play new techno and dance music?? YOUR BAND IS THE BEST!!
love philip....someone from SWEDEN