the song that tells you what you have | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/06

this song is great because of the meanind and the time BJ put in to write this song. The song has nothing to do with war because this song is about his father's death. I like this song since i heard it and it makes me feel safe and calm inside.

Freakin aweomse | Reviewer: Casey | 9/18/06

the person who wrot crap as a title n said this song has no meaning well it does!!!!!!!! it is about the death of billie-joe's father who dies when he was 10. also the film clip represents abot war and the government. so do not say it has no meaning when it does!!!
Lotta luv
keep on smiling (^.^)
p.s Jeff hardy is sxc (he wrestles by da way)

CRAP | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/06

THIS IS A BAD SONG AND I DNT LIKE IT. its has no meaning at all for the singer and the ppl are forgetten things like bomber japan and stuff like dat usa did so its there fualt that the got attack and usa has killed more incoten pppl in iraq than die on 11/9/01

Tribute to Hurricane Katrina and September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks | Reviewer: Ianokrawqia | 7/27/06

This is amazing! But what I wanna know is tributes,
August, 2005: Hurricane attacked more than 1,000 people.
Over 1,000 homes and cars destroyed and plants.
September 11, 2001, The terrorists on airplanes bomb the Twin Towers and almost the Statue of Liberty.
And almost 3,000 were killed.


u c that...? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/06

i bought american idiot album because of this song. and i start to love greenday because of this song. i can feel billie joe puts his emotion so deep in the song. and i never bore to heard the song as many as i want. for all greenday's haters, you lied if u don't like this song. greenday all the time....!!!!!

OMFG SO GOOD | Reviewer: kat | 6/17/06

first of all...this is one of the most fantastic songs ever written and produced and may i add: tre', great drums. this reviewer and her review : Heart warming | Reviewer: Igna Heyns is dead wrong im sorry. This song is definately about billie joe's father passing away. Im sorry 'igna' but listen to the lyrics for fucks sake, it doesnt take a genius to figure it out. AS MY FATHERS COME TO PASS....der. How can that line meen a boy and a girl who are in love and the guy leaves the girl to get money and be in the army. god, listen and know, do not assume because of what you saw in the video clip. As B.J. said when accepting the kid's choice award: DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON THE TELEVISION!

what a touchy song...!!!! | Reviewer: Dutty | 5/20/06

i am a great fan of greenday. this is da best song ever. i never bored to heard da song. the 1st time i saw the video, it was really touched my heart. i ever saw billie joe cried out in greenday concert in uk. maybe this song about his beloved people. and after i read their biography, i found that this song was about his father that passed away because of cancer..!!. so maybe he tried to express his feeling into this song. billie joe, you so genius..!!. and "like my father come to pass" was the best part of the song. u r genius, billie joe...

Excellent song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/06

Nillie joe really put his heart into writing the song and it comes through when u hear it. The song is about the death of Billie Joe's father although many people think it is about war. It will bring a tear to your eye.

one quite soul | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/05

it is a good one! i don't know but the very first time i hear this song, i felt the soul of the artist i mean the singer it seems there's one quite soul left alone sad, a go get the lyrics so i can understand why, and i understood..

CORRECTION!! | Reviewer: Issa Green Day | 10/10/05

I was reading a review onthis website that said that this song was about a boy and girl falling in love and then there was the war, blah blah blah. I am here to CORRECT THAT REVIEWER! That is only what the music video was about. The actual song was about the hard time in Billy Joe's life when his father passed away from cancer. If you have read their biography or watched any documentaries about Green Day, then you would know this. The only reason that the music video is about the boy and girl is because Green Day let the director be creative and make a war video out of their song.

Go Billy Jo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/23/05

Green DAy IS one of the best bands in the world. Billy jo is the cutest guy in the whole world and has the cutest voice mike and tre are cool too......

One of the best songs of the year | Reviewer: Kaiser Chiefs fan | 9/18/05

I could listen 2 this song 200 times and still love it! Billie Joe's American twang perfects this song, it wouldn't be half as good if someone alse sang it. It brilliant, pure genius.

greenday | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/05

i think that this song is very very good.
me and my friend sang this song to everybody at a BBQ.
luv megan age 11 xxxxxxxxxxxx

Heart warming | Reviewer: Igna Heyns | 8/23/05

Greenday has always been one of my favourite bands.
This song, tells a story about a boy and a girl, deeply in Love. Wishing the moment will never change. He then goes to army, and leaves her behind. But in his mind, he knows, she's with him, no matter where he is.
It tells a story about how relationships gets damaged, due to war..
A very deep song, I'm not a sensitive person, but it brought tears to my eyes. Get the CD!!
Score : 10 out of 10!

ROCK ON | Reviewer: punkmonkey | 8/19/05

green day is the hottest punk band evah! and this song is one of their BEST. rock on peoples.