A fine ballad | Reviewer: Claire | 9/26/13

I am much older than the rock generation. I grew up just after WWII. Our poplar songs were such as "How Much is that Doggie in the Window?"and the ike. But I truly love this song. It is actually really a true ballad.I first becme interested because Mike Dirnt lived next door to me in Oakland. His cat Gravy would come over when Mike was on tour. At a later date, when Mike moved to another home in the hills, he could not let Gravy out due to coyotes. So he trusted me and gave little Gravy to me. I loved that wonderful lovng grey kitty; he symbolized everything about Green Day to me, as well as my young cousins (teenagers) coming over to scream and giggle because Gravy was connected to Green Day. I even attended one of Green Day's concerts on comp tickets, with these cousins, and enjoyed every minute. This song and these memories are very dear to me. I miss having Green Day nex tdoor and Gravy cuddling up on my lap. This song is what i have left of these days a few years ago, and I plan to learn to sing it as the lovely ballad that it is.

ISLAM AND 9/11 | Reviewer: F. U. N. (fuad un nayem) | 4/30/12

very touching song indeed.i am very sorry for him and all who lost someone in 9/11.i am a muslim and islam doesn't approve this type of action neither any other religion.whoever is responsible for this incident does not belong to any religion .they are insult to mankind.let's not think any religion is responsible for this.again i am very sorry for incident and again very emotional song....though i don't agree that it is just to attack iraq or afganistan for this '
'cause thousands of innocent people just like the ones of twintower are dying too for it......EVERY INDIVIDUAL IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR DEEDS THEMSELVES NEITHER THEIR RELIGIONS OR SOCIETY.(SAYS MUSLIMS HOLY BOOK AL QURAN) ....i would be more than happy what you have to say about it.u can email me at fuadunnayem2@yahoo.com

Touching song | Reviewer: Maria | 6/20/11

This is a very touching song for billie joe to compose. I've benn a fan of Green Day for many years(btw im only 12 almost 13) and i've never heard another song written of any other band or singer this tragic & devistating over someone's loss. God Bless you Billie Joe Armstrong. And God Bless you for all of the 9/11 victems & families.

yu dont know what th esong is about | Reviewer: gary | 3/15/11

this song is about billie joe's father who died with cancer when billie was young if you pay close attention to the song it says "as my father comes to pass 7 years has come so fast wake me up when september ends.."

Wake Me Up When September ends | Reviewer: kirti maini | 6/21/10

This Song is soooo sad. it made me cry the first time i heard it, i feel soo sorry for Billie Joe, he must have gone through a really hard time in his life. I respect Billie as my secon father because he is sooo important to me. I love him with all my heart.

Dont say | Reviewer: Whatever u want | 7/17/09

Dont ever said that it is all the muslims fault.It has nothing to do with other religions.Just blame the people who made or invent that airplane.My deepest sympathy for those who has lost their loved ones.May god bless u all.And.I love this song up till today.

I'm shocked too | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/09

The day of 9/11 was a horrible day ever where in North America I was ver shocked about what happenned that day. But my I heard that the last plane that was going to the hit the white house (I think)the people on borad figured out what was happening so they all the rushed the cockpit and the last thing they all the said was "lets roll". It was very brave and heroic. May everyone who lost their lives that day R.I.P.

. | Reviewer: Allie | 11/29/08

i love this song. It is full of passion and I feel for Billie Joe. The song isn't about 9/11, but does show similarity with it. And how was 9/11 Bush's fault? How can it be anyone's fault except for the people who did it? I am glad that our country is strong and is going after the real people to blame.

Romance | Reviewer: Bleedyemo | 10/14/08

I think it can make everyone to sad. Moreover i wanna to become green day band' generation. If i have chance to become vocalist of green day band, I can pay anything. Finally i can bestow my spirit.

How sad | Reviewer: Francessca | 10/7/08

This song has made me cry a few times when i listened to it I was in one of my college classes when my professor played it the day after we heard about 9/11 and yes it's very sad that so many died. Jerry I'm really sorry about your loss I'm sure your father and brother are proud of you from where they are and sweetheart there's no need to cry and give up easily just because your a dad at a young age won't ever change you. It must be hard to lose your father and brother but, remember that they are in a better place and they are sleeping peacefully ok sweety. God Bless your heart

Interesting... | Reviewer: mds5158 | 9/29/08

Thanks for the insight, Punksycho. Like everyone else who replied to this, I thought it was a recollection of September 11th told through they eyes of someone who had lost a loved one during the plane crashes, but I couldn't figure out what the timing meant in the 7 years has gone so fast and 20 years has gone so fast, that clarified it very well. Still an awesome song and it still is awesome. I have In Demand stuff with my cable and one of the music features was Green Day playing this song in concert. I had always liked the song, but hadn't heard it for a while. After hearing it again, I decided to learn how to play it on guitar. It's beautifully written. Several years ago, I went to warped tour and Green Day was on the bill with bands like Snapcase, NOFX, AFI, MxPx, Millencolin and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and they blew everyone away, they are great performers, Billy Joe is a great song writer. Throughout the years, they have had some so-so songs, but never any that I could say I absolutely couldn't stand, and they have a much higher "great" song ratio than most bands. Kerplunk and .1038/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours were both signs of great things to come and Dookie was an absolute masterpiece and was just the perfect album for it's time and Green Day has continued to deliver the goods on every subsequent album since. Most people do site "Time Of Your Life" as their best song to date, but I personally connected with Redundant more than any other song, also American Idiot was their first real stab at being politically charged and it didn't come off as cheesy or overdone like NOFX's attempt at something political. While maybe not as hard hitting and poignant as say Bad Religion when it comes to political fair, honestly who does do it better than Bad Religion? Anyway, I digress, but Green Day continues to put out consistently good music and remains socially relevant much longer than the vast majority of bands in this era of disposable music. I have every one of their major releases and each one of them will continue to have room saved on my IPod for them.

15.9.2008 | Reviewer: JERRY K. | 9/15/08

Sorry for my english.I LOVE this song and I cry to but I am just 13. My name is Yerry too but I am from EUROPE Slovene
I hope I will some time go to U.S.A. to be american soldier. I hurt for 11 september
for bobing. I hope Obama wins and Bush go down
I hate bush too. All amercan soldier and police mans who fights when was bombing may RIP.

I miss you dad and greg | Reviewer: Jerry | 9/12/08

Dad i'm staying strong and i miss you and greg i held a picture of you holding me and i cry for you dad i miss you so much. I wish you and greg where here john had his first tooth and a birthday I will never forget you guys ever. It's all Bush's fault I hate him and I hope Obama wins but, that don't matter I miss you guys and may everyone who's lives where lost on 9/11 RIP and to those who had to see the tragic like me on t.v i cried when i saw every firefighter risking their lives. God Bless the USA

Good for you.. | Reviewer: reztron | 9/10/08

Yes I am truly sympathy for those who lost their love ones during the 11 September boombing. You American trust the zionis + israel to much. Now their stab you in the back and throw the devil mask to muslims in the east. Serve your right!

This song makes me cry! | Reviewer: Jerry | 6/3/08

I always cry to this song because on september 11 when the airplanes bombed new york I lost my father and my brother they where both fire fighters. I remember when i heard about the bombings and my father and brother told me to be brave and they will be back they never came back which tears me apart I asked my mom why did god take them away. I am 17 and I am already a father my girlfriend and I have our hands tied. I work really hard to put food on the table for my son, girlfriend and mother my father always told me to be a man and never forget the past. This song I can sing and play it on my guitar when I went to my father and brother's funeral I played this song and cried. I need to be strong and be there for my girlfriend and my son even though I don't know how to tell my son John that he don't have a grandpa or an uncle I am trying hard to be there for them. Anyway God Bless you all who lost loved ones to september 11 and to the firefighters and cops may they RIP I love you Father(Arthur) Brother(Greg) we miss you RIP I will be strong dad I will I will I love you!