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Performed by Green Day

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Just thought I should point out | Reviewer: Albert | 10/30/10

Since nobody seems to have noticed (except for that one other person), this is a cover of a song by the Skids. So it's about 30 years old I think.

Also, everyone who's saying something like "I love the song, but I hate U2/Green day!" Get over yourself. I get that you have the right to an opinion, but still, both are great bands and you can't deny that they worked well together on this song. Instead of dissing the bands, just enjoy the song and the lyrics, and thank Skids for writing it

Green Day is the best :) | Reviewer: livexlaughxlove | 11/8/09

I love Green Day. They're amazing--I cannot believe how unnationalsits they are ! And I fully agree with w/e they revolt against. The government sucks now and they're trying to tell us all that. U2 + Green Day = LIVING LEGENDS!!

Green Day: 1987-forever and ever <3

complete dickheads.......... | Reviewer: matthew | 3/22/09

anybody who thinks that this song is crap, or who slates either of these two bands deserves too be shot!! both gd and u2 are amazing bands, and i think that anybody who slates either of them is just jealous of them. (by the way, im going to see u2 in august)

WOW! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/08

A very nice song. And so true! I'm not really a fan of GD and haven't heard much of U2, but this song is truly awesome!
btw. I'm a 14YO!

Grate song | Reviewer: JustSomeone | 11/27/07

With the music of Green Day and the singing of U2 we now have an awesome song.

The song itself is very sad, but still, touched my heart.

The 2 bands have diffrent styles of music, but still the same subject. That's why they did this song and also why this song is ROCKS.

Sad...But True

long review | Reviewer: Lumenchick | 9/23/07

Green Day have done much better songs but I think this was up to standards... :] Now U2 i think they could have done better also but Greenday and U2 singing together is awesome. I never thought i would here it but when my cuzin pointed the song out on TV i was intrigued and couldnt take my eyes off the screen 'till it was finished...the footage they have is amazing and extremely sad. i hope you have listened to the words very carefully and picked out the message that U2 and greenday were trying to put across. Many people are suffering and we are not doing all that we can to stop it or even help them. But this was a good song...i hope that they make another one like it. any 14 YO'S out there?

I love this song | Reviewer: Mx | 9/23/07

Green Day was my favorite band back during Katrina when I evacuated. After hearing this, I found out I loved Vertigo from U2 as well.

I was so touched when I heard this song. Imagine, two of the greatest bands of all time got together to sing about my city.

New Orleans will be, and is, better than ever!

The first part is a copy | Reviewer: N/A | 9/15/07

The part of ``There is a house in New Orleans,
they call the rising sun,
It's been the ruin of many young poor boy,
and God, I know I'm one.ยดยด
Is a copy of the song the house of the rising sun of the animals

wow!! | Reviewer: ~babi~ | 5/17/07

i never imgined these 2 bands making a song together they have different styles of music. when i first heard this song iwas thinking OH GOD this is going to suck bt it totally ROCKED so i hope to see these 2 bands make another song together some time in the future!

The Song Itself | Reviewer: Lady Ziggy Mercury Stardust | 5/15/07

The song itself is fantastic and I do thoroughly enjoy it despite the fact that it does contain traces of Green Day but I must say I am a fan of U2. But as for Green Day, I hate the band. They only made it big after their political stunt with their last album. What crap... get a life and support your soldiers and government. Would you prefer to be on the other side of the fence?? With that moron as your president?? Lucky for you he is gone now. Bush Rules!!!!!

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