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Performed by Green Day

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lyrics | Reviewer: Ink Raven | 5/24/10

whoever writes these lyrics must be a hater. ive found so many Green Day lyrics that haven't been written right. "AND Edgar Allen Poe," + "... a teenage assassin." there is NO "ninja," OR "of Edgar Allen Poe."


My Jam | Reviewer: Jennifer | 11/22/08

I've been a Greenday fan since Dookie and I was ecstatic when they made their big "comeback" with American Idiot (not they didn't haven't some decent stuff in between but in my opinion none of the albums in between even comes close to American Idiot). Funny how it turned out to be a good thing that the stuff Greenday had orginally recorded for the next album got stolen- because it made them really stop and think about their music and how to make it better- and thus American Idiot was born. :) While I LOVE this whole CD (I know all the words- it's one of my most listened to CDs)- this song is my jam- I rock out to it whenever I hear it. So I agree with the other reviewers- go buy the CD and listen this song (and whole CD while your at it- some of the best songs on it aren't really played on the radio (including this one and Letterbomb, Jesus of Surburbia, Homecoming, etc. (track 12), and Whatshername)

Green Day | Reviewer: St. Jimmy | 8/19/08

I love this song it is soooooooooooo good dosent any one else agree? This is a green day zone no shame in admitting you love them - I admit it all the time, people say i talk toooo much about my loving of green day (and me having the hots for billie joe lol I LOVE BILLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) please people listen to this song it is a really catchy experimental song you are not leading a real life until you have heard this song LISTEN TO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great exploites in the life of Jimmy,or as my family calls me Stupid Jimmy | Reviewer: Jimmy | 10/12/07

The Lyrics brought back old memories, mooing about in a pasture in Ireland pissed as 3 farts So I spent tne night in mid oct in a pasture, I guess some bastard moved the road while I was sleeping. Finally made it to a road and needed a break 1 mi in 5 hours later, so there i was at 6:00 am perched on a rock and wouldn't you know the owner of of the B$B found me and got me and tok me home for a well deserved rest.

ST JIMMY IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/07

i love st jimmy! I'm the patron saint of the denial!
my mom is in luv Mike Dirnt! i like Give Me Novacaine, too! I have so many other favourites from GD!! :)

St. Jimmy Review | Reviewer: Nikki | 2/9/07

If you don't like green day,
then i dont know what to say.

I do know what to say.
Get it?
Got it?
2 sizes small.

WICKED AWESOME DUDE!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Ville_Valo_Freak13 | 8/2/06

This is, like, a super awesome song and for all those who haven't heard it, go buy the freakin' CD and LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!! ITS TOTALLY WICKED AWESOME!!!!!!!

St.Jimmy rocks!!! | Reviewer: Eithan Murray worlds biggest Green Day fan!! | 3/6/06

St.Jimmy is one of the best songs Green Day have brought out and if you liked basketcase or time of your life then you will really like this and to all you non-green day fans out there:YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MISSING!

Who The Heck is St. Jimmy?! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/06

I think St.Jimmy is a confused teenager who doesn't know what he really wants in life. He is suicidal,because he takes cocaine and other drugs.My gosh, don't get me wrong, this is a fabulous song!!!! My cousin said it has great energy and a good melody. If you hate punk rock, this song will change your mind. So go run to Tower Records,(They have Green Day albums)grab American Idiot off the shelves, pay for it, and then put it into your C.D. player. Go to track #6 and enjoy this great song. Ciao!!!!

st. jimmy rocks | Reviewer: aidan | 5/4/05

st. jimmy is the best song green day have brought out since they have been a band together if you have the time to listen to it and have the album listen to it. there is no shame to listen to it. if you do not like rock bands this will chnge your mind.

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