Also | Reviewer: Steve | 4/15/09

Also, "socially aware" means that they are aware about what society wants.

When you make music that is what society wants, you have sold out. No matter what you sing about, you have sold out. Doesn't matter how many times they sing American Idiot, it is still crappy radio-trash, and will never be taken seriously as a punk-anthem.

Only little pre-teens with their brand-name clothes that try to act all rebel and shit think American Idiot is actual punk-rock.

Greenday rox | Reviewer: Jason | 4/5/09

alright first, i just wanna give a good solid fuck you to thomas infront of his face. CUZ, greenday rox and i have to say, all of there albums are awsum, and american idiot was awesome too,. and learn how to spell you dumbass fuck, wtf is american IDOL, you just go fuck simon and randy, well they wont accept a shit ass like you, but yeaa. greendayday rox, and so does She,

calm down! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/09

wow, people get seriously agro over this stuff! back off thomas: the guy is entitled to his opinion. just because you don't agree with it doesn't give you the right to slag him off.

personally, i don't agree with thomas: i love green day's earlier stuff like kerplunk and dookie, but i also like their later stuff (i.e. american idiot/warning). you can't expect a band not to change at all over 15 years. they went from a bunch of 20-something kids to guys in their mid thirties. of course their views of the world, and thus their music, would change. i think that green day deserves kudos for being willing to change their style over the years to reflect what they thought sounded good and was relevant.

my point is that everyone is going to have their own opinions about music, and what they think sounds good, so there's no point in getting pissed off about what other people think. feel free to state your opinion, but don't insult others for having opinions of their own.

Actually, he is... | Reviewer: Dayz | 7/9/08

Billie Joe is actually a very good guitar player, if you don't believe me then watch this and just listen to the freaking solo

The reason their songs seem to be kind of simple is because they're a PUNK pop band, I mean real punk pop, with real punk roots and influences (mainly the Sex Pistols, you could easily hear the resemblance). But at the begining Billie Joe said he was going to play metal, he played van halen songs and stuff.

For Green Day, TEH best punk band evah!!!

wtf | Reviewer: Tan | 12/11/07

Ok. Jesus. Green Day is a really good band. Just because the guy isn't the greatest guitar player, or their bassist has only a few songs that really show him off, doesn't mean that they suck. Christ, they're just a band, Old Green Day and New Green Day are from the same band. Stop separating them. I'm young and I listened to New Green Day before I listened to old, and I like songs from all of their albums. The only song I don't like is Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

old school green day like 1039 | Reviewer: paul vanness | 8/16/07

i play she acoustic bass and sing by the pool. I love all greenday. They are the only band I can think of that steps up to plate like the beetles about viet nam. If you have not listened to Old school albums like 1039 smoothed out hours... you should. I loved them before they signed for dookie and think Bullet in a bible is my favorite album as the sky turns gray with smog and they begin the battle over the warming arctic poles encouraging pollution for more land. The trees will stop dying .. watch. I await a green day with those old fashioned blue skies. Solarize I-40. peace out

Okay, time to chill out. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/07

Wow, everyone needs to back off on Thomas. Just because he feels that Green Day has sold out doesn't mean he isn't socially aware or that he deserves all that petty name calling. I tend to agree - new Green Day kind of sucks. Does that mean I'm not socially or politically aware? No. I was socially and politically aware long before you little kiddies listened to this song and decided the bleet the same things Green Day was singing about. It's pathetic that this younger generation is getting their news and opinions from music and MTV and not from, oh, say, the actual news, through history and their education. Not that Green Day isn't singing something valid or powerful, I just don't think Green Day should be your news source and just because you hear it in American Idiot doesn't make you informed, anyway. It makes you a moron for thinking you're informed.

Me (and I'm sure many other people with decent taste in music and minds of their own) not liking new Green Day has nothing to do with their message and everything to do with their actual music. She was amazing song and if you compare it to any of the new Green Day songs, you'd be sorely disappointed to see what they lost.

She | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/07

Good song.
Anyway, Green Day is cool. They were great, but they're not that good anymore. American Idiot is a pretty bad album. And I'm a pretty aware guy, but I have bands to tell me about that kind of thing. Green Day is not a band I would turn to for social commentary. Especially because they are part of the media that they are complaing about. They bitch about MTV and a society based on consumerism, and how do they promote their album? By going on MTV and turning out shirts, posters, and whatever else'll make them a buck. But besides that, and the fact tha Billie Joe can't play his guitar, I have no problems with them.

=D | Reviewer: Loser-Kid | 7/12/07

First off Tom-ASS! You are a total shithead! Like Green Dayish said, "Green Day are socially aware." It's unaware fucks like you who are killing our world! Green Day has taken on a whole new level with American Idiot, a level much to great for Tomas's pee-brain. So I think that you should do a little more research, maybe LISTEN to what Green Day's saying and then come back. By the way, She is one of my favorite Green Day songs because I can relate to every word sang. It's as if Billie Joe is singing my soul. Amazing job, as always! =D

Yours Truly,

american idiot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/07

yo, how is american idiot commercial? it's like, fuck american ideals and all the idiots making them. it's hilarious they play this shit on the radio.

screw thomas!!! | Reviewer: green dayish | 7/10/07

green day released american idiot....
because they're socially aware!!
are u aware of wat's happening to U.S.??
they contribute 55% of the CO2 in air causing global warming!!!!
not juz that!!
they sell weapons on opposing country's!!!
not socially awared

she | Reviewer: fin | 6/25/07

this song is damn good!!!
it's not very popular maybe coz not everyone heard this!!!!
i'm sure if you'll here this song..........
you're gonna be ashamed on why you ever voted for blvrd of broken dreams in the hit chart!!!!!

Dookie | Reviewer: Samm | 6/4/07

dookie = best. green day. album. ever. (and you know it, too!)

Greenday | Reviewer: Thomas | 5/24/07

Its so bad that greenday changed since the '90....they used to play good musci, nice songs, now they are just some commercial shit, american idiot, shit like dat....:| i like dookie a lot...but american idol sucks...:|;|:|

About the song She performed by Green Day | Reviewer: Hau91 | 4/27/07

quite good
Love them so much!
"Scream at me until my ears bleed
I'm taking heed just for you"
The sounds great !!!