Omg...ok...first of all, "Me" (the reviewer) obviously doesn't know the difference between "hole" and "whole"...neway...I saw Green Day june 28th and they fuking rock...rly...u cnt compare any other band to them because they'd all suk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg.. Green Day Fuckin Rock! | Reviewer: Charli | 7/2/05

I went to see green day in concert on the 18th june and they fucking rocked. billie joe touched my arm and hand im like totally obbsest lol.. i luv green day they rock ! whoooo lol

Lv GD!!! | Reviewer: Snakie | 7/1/05

Green Day won't know there is a big fan of them in a faraway coutry.
I'm from China,and I'm really glad knowing GD,and ready to make friends with all the Green Day's FANS!!!!!!!!

OMG! | Reviewer: Me | 6/22/05

Ok, so the first person that reviewed Green Day is rly messed up because Green Day is obviously the best band that evr lived...if u dnt like green day u have issues!! Have u evr heard Basket Case? Well if u havent, u live in a whole...and no, I dnt mean Avril Lavigne's version of Basket Case cuz evry1 knows that it royally sux neway...if u like green day contact me...if u dnt...go 2 hell cuz they ROCK THE WORLD

Greenday is the best band ever... | Reviewer: Greenday Sucks | 6/19/05

NOT! holy shit, if you like greenday you have the worst taste is music EVAR! and that means your prep... greenday ARE NOT PUNK! LIKE WTF KIND OF A NAME IS BILLY JOE AND TRE COOL? HONESTLY YOU GUYS ARE HOMOS IF YOU LIKE GREENDAY!

They rock | Reviewer: Billie joe armstrongs "real" wife | 5/25/05

What can I say they rock so much you've got to love their music hottness and just them as people. Every one this is the best band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

American Punk Rock Gods | Reviewer: Ash M | 5/20/05

I had heard a bunch of Green Day songs before and had loved every single one of them, but I never really knew that those songs were by Green Day. I didn't get into the band until American Idiot came along (I first heard the song American Idiot while listening to 92.3 K-Rock). When my dad got me the CD, i just WOULD NOT stop listening to it. I've listened to that CD so many times over it's not even funny. Then I asked one of my friends is she was also a Green Day fan, and I ended up borrowing a bunch of their other albums from her, the first of which was International Superhits. As I listened through that CD, almost every song i listened to, in my head i went, "WOAH! Green Day sings this one?!" Then when I heard they were coming to the NYC/NJ area, i got really psyched, but ended up missing both NY and NJ concerts. I was really bummed, and my dad (He's also a Green Day fan), being as totally awesome as he is, found a concert in Bakersfeild, CA on a saturday that we could go to. My mom agreed to switch weekends with him and I was so stinkin' excited i didn't sleep for 2 nights. I even drew this kick-butt doubble sided poster. One side i drew a stupid-looking eagle holding a test paper that had an f-----------, with none of the questions right, and a dunce hat and "AMERICAN IDIOT" written across the top. On the back i wrote "GREEN DAY ROX MY SOX!" with all of the other album's songs around it and doddles to with them, like for holiday i had a postcard with a fist crushing the eifle tower and the postcard company logo was a bomb that said "Punishment Inc." on it. I don't think they saw it, though. I loved their concert, they played a bunch of my favorite Green Day songs, and Billie Joe even gave away his guitar to this kid that he'd pulled from the crowd along with 3 other kids (before Billie gave away the quitar, the 3 had been allowed to play Billie's, Tre's, and Mike's instruments while they sang). And before they came on, one of them came out in a bunny suit with a bottle of beer and started doing the YMCA, and the crowd joined. Then he got us all screaming for Green Day. Green Day is SOOOOOOOO much better live. Anyway, in my opinion, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool all deserve to be punk rock gods. Their songs have gotten me through so much lately, and i can listen to their CD's and songs over and over and over and over and over and over and over without ever getting tired of it or skipping through, and beleive me, i can end up listening to one single song for a full 24 hours. I really love Green Day's songs and style, they're totally oringinal, innovative, and their songs are really hard-core and really good if you're looking for music to relate to. I love Green Day, they're totally awesome, and I'd love to see them in concert again. Oh, yeah, this site was very helpful in providing biographical info for my project. ^-^

!!! | Reviewer: lauren kraemer | 5/17/05

So kickass.... Every CD they have out is amazing. There aren't many CDs that you can just listin to all the way through without skipping around.

Green Day is the best! | Reviewer: Andy | 5/15/05

I love Green Day! Their music helped me pass through my difficulties of the last 8 months... You can't know how... Thanks to them to have made all those song that made me feel so much feelings! Those guys are so funny! They are saying everything they think... They are an example for me... Macy's day parade is surely the best song... It's a hope song... Listen to it, it helped me to feel better when i was sad... Thank you Green Day... Green Day rules!

GO GREENDAY!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: mrs billie joe armstrong | 5/15/05

for all u real greenday fans... here is a wonderful site... it incudes a chat group if ur a member... and it has da best pics of billie... and da rest of green day... her it is...
i really recommend it!!! im a member there...

I LUV GREEN DAY | Reviewer: *23gh* | 4/27/05

i luv green day. they have been my fav band since 4 ever.
their new cd american idiot is the BEST!!!

LOVE AND PASSION | Reviewer: Savannah West | 4/20/05

OMG!!!I absolutly LOVE Green Day!I can relate to a lot of their songs.I would like to thank my freinds for representing them to me.I don't know what I would do if they didn't.

i love yall | Reviewer: Jackie Nemeth | 4/16/05

Omg! I love green day soooo much. They have been my favorite band since I was 4(im only 13)thanks to my brother. I love Good Riddance, Basket Case, Minority, She, Waiting, And all their other fabulous songs. their music has brought me to like rock today and for the rest of my life. Everytime I hear one of their songs I think of my childhood with my brother. Thank you sooo much Green Day!!!

*Jackie Nemeth*

Green Day | Reviewer: Melita | 2/20/05

Just like to say that Green Day are my favourite male band of the 90's+ and that their music is pure genius. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) is the greatest song ever, American Idiot is THE album of the decade so far and 'Do you have the time to listen to me whine' is the greatest opening line of all time.
Thanks to Green Day and here's to another 15 years!

Gotta love'em | Reviewer: Annie | 2/15/05

Hey everyone, This is just my way of expressing my love for Green Day. I want to thank them for doing what they do. I really look up to them. They have helped me become who I am. Don't get me wrong, I don't live my life for them but they gave me a new perspective on life and how I see things. It's nice to have lyrics you can relate to. Again, thanx, Annie