Green Day | Reviewer: cherrypie25 | 1/2/13

The first time i heard the song " All The Small Things" I had to know who sang that song, i looked it up on youtube and ever since that day i feel in love with all the songs and Green Day

green day: my bands inspiration | Reviewer: daniel | 5/26/11

i got into green day about two years ago, the first song was 21 guns and immedietly, i was hooked. i fell in love with all their albums from 39/smooth to 21st century breakdown. if it wasnt for them, i would have never learned to play guitar and form a band. my three favorite songs are:#1. no one knows, #2. ha ha you're dead. and #3.longview. and although 21st century breakdown isnt their BEST album, its still a pretty damn good one. also unrelated you forgot to mention their albun shenanigans, which was relaesed a year after warning.

I will never quit Green Day | Reviewer: ben | 4/4/11

I love Green Day. They are the band that made me really have a passion for music. I love everything from Dookie to American Idiot, and they put on one of the greatest live shows ever. A Green Day concert is a show you must see before you die.
Now for the bad news:
Green Day's last record, 21st Century Breakdown, is garbage. The first couple of spins I thought it was pretty great, it was more ambitious than Idiot even. But after the novelty wore off, I realized there wasn't much in the way of real songwriting. It's like they spent three years coming up with piano intros and filling in the rest. Ambition is good, guys, but it's wasted without solid songwriting.
Anyway, all criticism aside, I wholeheartedly support Green Day no matter what. I look forward to their next release, which I will likely buy as soon as it comes out, and I can't wait to see them live again.

They are my HEROES! :) | Reviewer: Kristen | 2/13/11

I am 13 years old i have liked Green Day since i was about the age of 6. The first song i learned was boulavard of broken dreams it is really special to me! Green Day has been there since the beginning for me and hopefully through the end too. :) PEACE!

Um, WOW | Reviewer: Lisa | 3/12/10

Green Day is just a big WOW in the music industry. They are so amazing, that it's impossible not to like them. They're a bunch of bratty punks who came from 924 Gilman Street and are, right now, performing in stadiums and all over the freaking world. They are my idols. I can barely choose a favorite song from them, because all of them are so awesome. However, I do have to say that I prefer their old music over their new music. Although that is the truth, their new music certainly still sounds just fine the way it is. They are awesome, all-in-all. They are my favorite band of all time, and I am obsessed with them, as well as one of those fans who doesn't just idolize their music; I idolize them as human beings. They were born punks who went so far to get where they are right now, and that is the biggest inspirational story in music.

awesome | Reviewer: cam | 2/23/10

Green Day are the best punk band around i have six of there albums : American Idiot,21st century breakdown, insomaniac, dookie,nimrod and warning. my fav song is Hitchin' a ride and 21 guns. they are heros in music and im only 11 but love them. i can play east jesus knowhere and hitchin' a ride. ROCK ON GREEN DAY!

They are my idols!!! | Reviewer: Jess | 2/6/10

I look up to Green Day as my gods! They worked so hard and went through so hard times, just to get to where they are today. I agree that their old stuff is much better, but you have to agree that 21st Century Breakdown wasnt a COMPLETE ripoff, I dont regret the money I spent on it.
Their music sometimes helps me get through a really horrible day, and when I go to guitar lessons, I think of them, and it makes me work extra hard, because one day i would like to start my own band. Will I get far with it, who knows? But i am willing to work as hard as Green Day did. Billie, Mike, Tre, I LOVE YOU!!!

wow... | Reviewer: Julia | 2/2/10

why did you delet my beautiful comment ? hmm.. are you soo critical about peoples comments? wow worst website EVER! kay lets make a deal ohkay? howabout you guys let me comment andi wontbe rude ohkay?... so .... one thing..... I LOVE GREEENNNDDAAAYY BEST BAND EVER! (L) :) LOVE YOU WOOOOWHH!!!

-Julia <3's you ehm ehm this is also jacobs im his husband well wife kk byebye (L):) <3 im on his dont worry he lets me :) my best friend id morgan, and martha :)

bonjour | Reviewer: morgan | 2/2/10


luv jim | Reviewer: sanket | 1/11/10

its a completely underrated, yet very commercial these days. They've changed my being for the better, for 13 out of the 20 years theyve killed i can honestly say Green Day is one of the best bands ever conjured. I love you Green Day. i lo v ya lot

Dec 16th Rod Laver Arena Melb Australia | Reviewer: kylie | 12/26/09

BEST SHOW EVER!!!! And i have been going to concerts for 20 years (that im prepared to admit too).

Billie Joe had been suffering lets call it food poisoning the day before and had to cancel the show originally slated for the 15th and he STILL came out and gave a massive performance and anyone who has had gastro type illness will know how much thats saps your energy.

Was funny though.. at one point he asked about old Green Day and all these teens screamed and when they started with Coming Clean the so called die hards (renamed try hards) went deathly quiet... NOT A CLUE!!! Same for Going to Pasacquala.

For those who think theyre not punk.. you really need a music lesson..... and you also need to look into the Punk scene a bit more.... and see just what is labelled Punk... you might be surprised.

ANd if you still want to argue the point, let me just say as an exchange student in the early 90's, some of the best nights were spent watching this new band called Sweet Children play at Guillam Street ... especially the first night when they opened for Operation Ivy.... (oh and they do a cracking version of knowledge).

These guys worked damned hard to get where they are now... literally performing at people's houses in backyards all over the USA and Europe, touring dingy dives sometimes in front of 6 people sometimes 100. In Europe they had to borrow equipment to play everynight....and as for accomodation?? that was worked out as they went along.... peoples floors etc.... this is one hard working and deserving bunch of men, who have more than paid their dues.

If you dont like them fine, but please get your arguments sorted and at least have more to throw at them than "they arent punk' or "they suck"

meh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/09

Green Days awesome, but to put is bluntly, their new stuff is pretty shit. I like Christians Inferno though.
I like old Green Day.
I got both my brothers into Green Day.
Ones 13, the others 6.
The 6 year old walks around the house singing American Idiot and 21 Guns.
Ive taught him well.

green day rock | Reviewer: Chloe | 11/14/09

Green day rock and it is wrong to be mean to them they are totally likeable I am Ten years old and I like them I have had fights with the people in my class who say that linken park are better than green day well their wrong and are idiots ( plus Billie joe is Hott )

best rock band that will ever be | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/09

The first song that i've known that has come from Green Day was Good Ridounce.From that time on I was obsessed with Green Day i almost have every album thay have made.I will alaways like Green Day and Green Day will always be my favorite band.Right now I want to learn how to play the acustic guitar,when that times comes my first song WILL BE Good Ridounce.

all praise green day | Reviewer: rockin at 16 | 10/24/09

green day is probably one of the biggest inspirations to teenagers, adults, the hard working, all sorts!!! And the've definetly been a great inspiration to me!! I don't think i wud be playin the guitar or any instrument if it wasn't for them, GREEN DAY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bet in 10 yrs time they'll still be rockin our fucking socks off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!