Green Day F****** Rox!!!!!! | Reviewer: Tori Lasley | 6/11/07

~Oh my sweet holly mother of God!!!! Heley tht was a very impressive biogrophy of GreeN Day. I know everything there is to know about them...and everything is 100% factual. Plus i totally agree w/ u...GREEN DAY is the most Fucking,awesome band ever to exist. GrEeN DaY Fucking kicks Ass and ROX! I LOVE U GREEN DAY.
Wooohhh Hoooo! Billie....i Love U!

Green Day r the best | Reviewer: suyash | 6/8/07

Green day is my best band and is iunfact the best band ever. Noone has made songs like greenday and the impact of the song is rockin. I luv to listen to green day at all times, even when i'm fucking coz their song makes everythin a hit.

i love you BJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Priscilla white | 6/6/07

OMG!jesus i love that band i exspecially love Billie Joe and Tre Cool.I think there already making another album!I remember when my mom was pregnat with me she went to one of there conserts and Billie Joe signed my moms stomach coooolllll!!!!!!! well i love there new song Working Class Hero.i love u Gree Day forever!

Green day rox!!!! | Reviewer: hot_gangstagurl | 6/4/07

I was a big fan of green day last year!!! i hav tons of pics,posters,wallpapers, and music from n about dem!!! dey rok!!!!! i also know that they have inspired many bands like mcr and fob

Green Day rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: i luv NOEL!!! | 6/4/07

Greenday is cool i have all their cds and i know all their songs by heart they rock me and boyfriend luv them

awesome green day!!!! | Reviewer: hot_gangstagurl | 6/4/07

i love green day!!! i was a big fan since last year thnx 2 one magazine!!!!! they r so inspirin'!!!!! love 'em...i have 2 do a report bout dem!!!!

Green Day is awesome! | Reviewer: Ann | 5/31/07

Wow. Green Day's songs are amazing, and have a great beat. The singing is beautiful, too. I like Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and Holiday, and Wake Me up when September Ends. Well, really, I like all Green Day songs. Keep on rocking Green Day!

green day | Reviewer: julia | 5/23/07

green day in their album called american idiot, first they have made a album totally diferent, but another band stole their new album.
so green day have to do a new album for only 6 months i think. and then american idiot explode in billboard etc etc

GREEN DAY ROCKS MY FUCKING SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: tails | 5/19/07

omg, i love green day! green day cd's are the only cd's i buy because i just KNOW im gonna love all of their songs!
i have st. jimmy as my, its awesome!

I don't care how hot billie is, he is musician not a super madel! | Reviewer: Mark Uroseva (stage name: Uro Insanity) | 5/17/07

Green Day is a band that uses very simple guitar cords and riffs, but in complex patters. Green Day is a very talented band, and my band has traveled down the road Green Day paved for us. Thank's alot, Green Day.

THE WORLD LOVE GREEN DAY | Reviewer: Barbara Ribeiro | 5/16/07

green day is just the best band in all world...
The Brazil loves Green Day...
And I am the bigest fan of the group

sal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/07

green day is just the coolest, most talented band ever.

dey rok | Reviewer: Poppy | 5/13/07

yo man these guys are so kwel man everythang they sing bowt is inflo mann chek it owt!!

emm... | Reviewer: Tati y Li | 5/11/07

we love green day! ok? we love you billie joe,mike and tré!!!!!! kiss guys!

GREEN DAY | Reviewer: KILL ALL THE FAGS THAT DON'T AGREE!!!!!!! | 5/9/07

i couldn't live without Green Day,they r my addiction.Billie Joe is so fuckin hot,NO I DO NOT JUST THINK THAT BILLIE JOE IS HOTT I LOVE GREEN DAY'S MUSIC!!!!!!!!I love the lyrics,love them,love the songsI LOVE GREEN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!