Hardcore Keyboard Enthusiasts. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/09

I don't get the big argument about if Green Day 'The Greatest Rock Band Ever' - Tre in Bullet in a Bible... is punk or not...

Freedom of speech is what they have been putting out to the youth of the 90's with Dookie and Insomniac.... then again in the 2000's with American Idiot...

The difference is that they're no-longer singing about sex and masturbation... It has become more political, but with a meaning...

Green Day have used they're strength and growing popularity from American Idiot to spread they're message.... About everything from George Bush to War on Terror.. Sex, Drugs and the power of the voice. But it has proved that one voice has the power to take the world by storm... Now they've become one of the strongest Rock/Punk bands in existance... closely following U2.

I have loved them since i was 8, Dookie was the first album i had ever brought, and has ever since been my favourite Green Day album..

Im now 18, and have they're new album 21st Century Breakown on order for when it comes out in may... It will prove the road Billie Joe, Mike and Tre are going... The message they're sending and they're next attempt to take over the world.....

'No man can eat 50Eggs'

iT iS WhAt iT iS.. S0 WhAt iS iT? | Reviewer: Monica | 12/28/08

Seriously, i agree with the person below me. I don't see the point in arguing if Green Day is punk or not. Punk is doing what you fucking feel like dong, and saying what you feel like fucking saying. Last time I checked Green Day does that. Just because they are popular does not mean that they are not punk. It means that punk will get more attention giving it more fans and it will never die. Punk can range from a teen fighting crew few, to three men in a band fighting Bush. It's in a different battle field, but the idea is the same. Fight the power, and doing and saying what you like. EVERYTHING HAS A LITTLE BIT OF PUNK IN IT, as long as the music don't stop, i don't care who is hatting.
i love GD<3

American Idiot is their worst album | Reviewer: julia | 12/27/08

Does anyone else agree that American Idiot, far from being their best, was their worst?

In my opinion Dookie, Nimrod or Insomniac was their best, and American Idiot and all that shit is just some lifeless way of getting money that doesn't even mean anything, just a comeback because people thought that they'd ended.

The songs are pretty catchy though. But seriously, apart from a few songs towards the end of the album, i think that they've gone downhill so much.

Punk? | Reviewer: Steve | 12/8/08

People seem to be confused with what "Punk" is.

Some seem to think that a "punk" band is one that just sings about anti-governemtn, anti-school, anti-parents, and anti-establishment stuff. This is partly true.

Then there is those who think that because Green Day is popular, are on MTV and shit that they aren't punk. This is false.

"Punk" is about doing what you want to do, and being who you want to be. It's been screwed up recently by punk-wannabes, but the true meaning of "Punk" is just being who you want to be, and only being influenced by what you want to be influenced by.

If Green Day are popular, more power to them. If they wanna play on MTV, more power to them. It gets them noticed, and gets their message out to the masses.

"Punk" does not mean mohawks, leather jackets, being underground and all that crap the media feeds us. A punk is someone who doesn't give a damn about what people think of them, and does what they want to do.

Green Day, if they are true to their words, are punk.

lalalala! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/08

ok im so tired of havin this is Green Day punk or not argument! if u think green day is punk lyk me then hi 5 nd if u dont then gud 4 u...isnt there a life u guys cud get 2 while havin this argument! anyhoo! PEACE OUT BITCHES!

Stop and Think | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/08

Did anyone who posted anything stop and think about why the lyrics of the songs are written the way they are for this album? It doesn't matter what type of music they are singing, they are expresses thoughts and feelings that people can relate with. Isn't that what music is about? They are telling listeners how they see the gov.

punk or not, who cares? | Reviewer: whatsername | 9/21/08

seriously, if you like green day, good. i love them to death. but i've had just about enough of this punk vs not punk argument. just listen to the music, decide if you like it, and fuck the labels!

punk or not punk | Reviewer: me | 9/6/08

all u ppl that say that theyre not punk all suck. just because a song is sad doesnt mean its not punk. but then who r u 2 say whats punk and whats not? let everyone decide for themselves. if u think theyre punk thats AWESOME!! u rock. if u dont whatever, u need to be more open.

stickin up for the sex pistols | Reviewer: ben | 7/10/08

ok sean i'm just gonna tell ya real quick that you are wrong about the sex pistols. the guitarist for the pistols steve jones was actually a very good player and the drummer for the pistols paul cook is also really good. you would notice that if you listened to the music and i have a feeling that you have heard maybe one song by the pistols. johnny rotten isnt supposed to sound like the voice of an angel it's the rebellious presence he has in his vocals. johnny rotten is punk and sid vicious was the only member who was addicted to any kind of drugs and he could play his instrument he was just too fried most of the time. as for green day i'm not quite sure how we can say all these things to prove they are not punk when the clash have done the same things as green day yet the clash retains a punk label. you can say green day does ballads and that isnt punk but the clash have more than a few ballads and are still punk. you can say green day has gotten political and that isnt punk first off the clash were very political and second punk can be political does it have to be no but it can be political. all this said green day is no longer punk because here is a very big difference between green day and the clash: the clash strayed from the mainstream and american idiot was geared for the mainstream. punk or not punk green day is still a damn good band.

Sex Pistols? | Reviewer: Sean | 7/5/08

Why does everyone compare every punk band to the sex pistols?

sex pistols made one album and lasted 2 years. They were a bunch of drug-addled and talentless wankers.

Compare Mike Dirnt to Sid Vicious and that basicly shows how good the so called "greatest punk band ever" were.

Green Day are amazing, and can play instruments and Billy Joe can actually sing.

Jonny Rotten was a mere shouter - nothing more.

Green Day < Sex Pistols

American Idiot is a GOOD ALBUM! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/08

But it is NOT PUNK! Have you ever listened to Longveiw? That's punk! It's about jacking off, and smoking pot. If a punk band dabbles in politics, they are no longer punk.

Also punk can never be sad.... I'm looking at you good Riddance!

green day is awesome 06/26/08 | Reviewer: taylor | 6/27/08

i love green day it is the best band ever.all these years i had never took a intriest in green day but when i finally started 2 listen 2 the music it really spoke 2 me. i think green day is am amazing. i understand billie joes passion for music. i understand his soul. and whoever says otherwise is a fool. if ur not a fan of green day i incourage u 2 just sit down and just listen 2 what the songs mean. please just listen!

green day | Reviewer: katie | 5/2/08

green day is the best band in the world and they show that in there concerts...ofcource...i have all there cds, and 793 pictures of them on my wall. billie joe is soo hawt...i love every single one of there songs and i dont have a favorite cd i love them all the same...green day are true punks even though they used to be pop punk...they are great at concerts and billie joe looks great naked lol...i have all the dvds with them in it
I love Green Day to death!!!:)

Green day | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/08

I think it's funny how they call themselves "punk" and how American Idiot is seen by many little pre-teen punk wannabees as real "punk." They completely contradicted themselves with that album. They're writing songs about anti-establishment, anti-war, anti-government... then their videos are broadcast on mtv? They perform on American Idol? that is sooo punk I must say. Then having 100 thousand brits sing "Don't wanna be an American Idiot ..." Those kids don't know the meaning of the song. Green Day sold out, and they are not punk.
Real punk bands are bands you will NEVER hear about. That is true punk.

punk is dead | Reviewer: ben | 4/5/08

okay disregard the last post i made. i made that post at a time when i had not listened to the album american idiot in a long time. as i write this i have listened to it recently and realized that i overlooked a number of things i wouldntve if i had written my last post after listening to the american idiot album. just as popular belief is implying i have come to realize green day is not punk. american idiot while much of it does have a punkish sound received highly polished production. no punk record can ever receive polished production the live performance is generally very close to what you hear on record. and green day also has heavy arena rock leanings theyre particularly fond of queen. american idiot was also deliberately commercial punk is supposed to be anything but commercial. and lets not forget that they performed on american idol i dont have to say thats not punk. i dont know how i missed all this. dont get me wrong american idiot is a great record and green day was punk at one time but that ended after their insomniac album in 1995. so now that weve settled that what genre is green day? pop-punk i guess but that feels too easy maybe arena rock but you can put anyone into that genre. but green day definitely is not punk. sadly my friends punk is dead.