Green Day | Reviewer: Jessica | 12/28/04

I love Green Day so much! They are a great band! Their songs are so inspiring!! I first saw Green Day in a music video and have loved them ever since! Their lead singer, Billy Joe Armstrong is soo hot! He sings the songs so well! The meaning in their songs is wonderful!! Green Day, I love you sooo much!!!

AMAZING! | Reviewer: Katie | 11/3/04

Green Day.What comes to mind when you think of them?Personally I think of rock and roll because that is what Green Day is all about!This is one of my favorite bands!The have a unique sound that is very different form all the rest.This three man band isn't just good looks and a record lable, they are really down to earth!But might I add,lead singer Billy Joe Armstrong is quite the cutie!They fall within the same catagory as bands like Guns and Roses and The Rolling sound.But this band is a hit with people of all ages and with different preferences of music.I love this band so much!They deffinatly know how to please an audience and belt out a few good songs.I give this band five out of four stars.*****!