cant stop falling fo them each Day...:) | Reviewer: Shine | 10/11/09

Wooo..! they are AMAZING. well im so in love the start and the determintaion for their success till now. Listing to their music can zeal u up each time.

all the best to them and hope to see more of them.

A gem now revealed. | Reviewer: Benjamin | 10/6/09

This band has been through it all, and completely underrated, yet very commercial these days. They've changed my being for the better, for 13 out of the 20 years theyve killed i can honestly say Green Day is one of the best bands ever conjured. I love you Green Day.

Green Day is my all-time FAVORITE. | Reviewer: Lisa | 9/21/09

This is my all-time favorite band, for obvious reasons. They know real music, and they still continue to fight against the mainstream, which in my opinion, always sounds the best. I hope they stay around for a fairly long time, because they are epic.

Extraordinary Girl | Reviewer: Maya | 8/26/09

I saw Green Day in concert last night and it was the greatest night of my life. they have spectacular stage presence, and you can easily see that THIS is who they are, and THIS is what they love to do.Green Day changed my life, and made me open my eyes to the rest of the world. To all you haters out there, FUCK YOU!!! VIVA GREEN DAY, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!

GREENDAY ROX | Reviewer: barney | 8/11/09

greenday rox no matter wat anyone else says 21 guns was great and the static age i love all ur songs though. if u people keep slackin greenday off one day they will stop makin records !! pop kings or punk kings ill always follow greenday

toker | Reviewer: sudhir | 8/6/09

green day is just so cool that i can't stop myself listening their songs.I don't care what others think about GD but I've been a fan of them since listening their Dookie and till now i'm just listening to them.LONG LIVE BILLIE,TRE AND MIKE and keep me rocking.

AWESOME | Reviewer: Becky | 7/22/09

i never really used to like greenday but after actually listening to them probally they have become one of my favourtie bands there music is fantasic. they dont care what anyone thinks of them they are true legend and i hope to grow up to play like billie. i am going to see them live on the 1st november this year and am soooo looking forward to it plus Billie is soooooooooooo FIT. I LOVE GD <3 there are probally alot of people out there who dont like greenday but to be honest i dont care greenday inspire me in so many different ways Greenday till the end :D

Green Day is the best band ever! | Reviewer: Allie | 7/12/09

Green Day is amazing. There amazing live Billie Joe is an awesome performer who does a great job getting the audience involved. I love how they let fans get on stage and play guitar, drums, bass, sing. They let there fans do so many cool things. There music is amazing. I just love Billie Joe, Tre, and Mike.

Green Day so special And GREAT! | Reviewer: Tinne | 7/3/09

cant yah see that green day is one great and special band?
and also my chemical romance..
they are both good at their songs,and the lead singers are both handsome and smart.

they are all in the same place of music which is relly good.
green day is a punk band thats sooo-AWESOME!

Mychem. is sooo-Great! and very good
same as green day!

Green Day and My Chemical Romance RULES!!!!!!!!

Tinne Andasā™„

Punk's Dying Breath | Reviewer: Poopear | 6/29/09

Okay Timmy, be good at the punk concert! Mommy's gonna go buy some Prozac because you're extreme annoying-ness and lack of testicular fortitude is pissing her off! I'll be back at ten o'clock with the Mini-van and we can all go celebrate with milkshakes at Brusters!

Remember, don't look anyone in the eye and, if you find yourself in a circle pit, scream REALLY loud and piss yourself. That's punk. Dude.

Now I have that out of the way. Let's get this straight. I like punk, the rage behind the music just makes it better. This band, however, puts forth all the rage of a little girl who just wet her bed because the monsters won't stay out of her bathroom.

The songs are, and I'm not kidding, in the amazing sequence of three chords (which MAY or MAY NOT be in key or even tuned correctly) then the song's lyric sung in harmonic tones up and down. Know your enemy, know your enemy, know your enemy. (Repeat)

In fact, Know Your Enemy is a song by RATM, which is much better than this band. Know who your enemy is? Little bugger deepthroaters who plagarize good music because they can't actually think of thier own. Do they actually tell you who 'the enemy' is? It's like telling someone to go take down the "man", man. Which goddamn man would this be, exactly?

If by "the man" you mean the government, then you should know that the government supports the RIAA which exists on all major labels that Green Day belongs to. Fight the power, indeed!

blowing biography | Reviewer: srinivas | 6/23/09

yes this is the biograpy which one should read cause every bodys life is full of sorrows but some exceptions . and my hero armstrongs is of like that and with his confidence and his cute voice makes him to reach this heights .
this biography tells that how curious that his intention is there to be one among the rockers.

A few problems with the biography, and opinions about GD | Reviewer: Mish Mosh | 6/17/09

Well, the biography was a little problematic. There were grammatic and spelling errors left and right, the bands original drummer was John Keftmeyer, you got the first two album dates wrong (!039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours was released in 1991, in spite of the fact that the band formed in 1989, and Kerplunk! came out in 1992), and you completely left out the album Shenanigans! Although it was a minor album, comprised of cute, Insomniac/Nimrod styled b-side songs with no real major hits, it was an album nonetheless.

Anyway, my thoughts of Green Day are plentiful and contreversial. Part of me says "Forget about the genre. Whether its pop or punk or punk rock or rock, you like it, and thats all that matters," and part of me says, "If you admit its pop, you'll be just another person who makes other people hate Green Day. Its punk because even if they aren't as 'punky' now, they were punk at one point and they could go back (right?)." But this is the band's fault. I wouldn't feel this way if they had just stayed the same as they were in the beginning. But they didn't they sold out and produced what their fans wanted (half-ass piano pop) so they could keep money and fame. But thats not their fault. Fame corrupts people. When they started, they were punk and were out to make a hole in society. But they got a taste of fame, and traded in their punk spirit for it. They got lazy. 21st Century Breakdown is boring to listen to, and it sounded like they were bored playing it. Plus, it was edited so much theres no possible way they're going to recreate it live. I still like it, but its not punk, and thats why they've lost about 1/7 of their fans.

But, their extremely loyal fans were blinded by their music, and forced into denial that their new music really is punk. And they've also gained new fans that like their cheesy 3 chord songs with weak vocals and basic drums.

If it was up to me, Green Day should've gone backwards. Started out with their more pop like albums like Breakdown and Warning, becoming the laughing-stock of the punk community. But slowly they would transform into a pheonomenon, proving everyone wrong. Or, they could've stopped at what was, in my opinion, their last good album; Insomniac. And everyone thinks that Green Day made a punk revival/comeback with American Idiot. That album was worse (in a sense of punk vs. not punk, I still liked it, I just knew it wasn't punk) than Warning! Punks don't write 7 minute or 9 minute songs (Homecoming and Jesus of Suburbia). And I won't even start on Give Me Novacaine. And punk albums don't tell stories. American Idiot, and St. Jimmy where the only remotely punk songs on the whole album, and East Jesus Nowhere was the only punk song on Breakdown. And there were none on Warning.

If you ask me this should've been the order of their albums if they wanted to be considered punk:

21st Century Breakdown- This one was worse than Warning only because of the piano parts.

Warning- No punks use acoustics.

American Idiot- Too slow, but at least no piano, and 2 punky songs.

Nimrod- Closer to their good stuff. Hitchin' a Ride was kind of punkish, and so was Nice Guys Finish Last.

Shenanigans- Kind of a combination of Nimrod and Insomniac. I Fought the Law was good, although, not too punky. Ha Ha You're Dead was good.

Dookie- Although it was their biggest hit ever, it wasn't as punky as...

Insomniac- Their last truly punk album.

Kerplunk!- PUNK!

1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours- PUNK!

All in all, I feel bad for them. They had great potential as a punk band, but fell for the trap that is fame. Anyway, I've said a mouthful, so goodbye.

new rock | Reviewer: Bill | 6/14/09

I'm an old motherfucker so I know a little 'bout rock and roll. This new shit like 'ShineDown' aint even rock and roll.. maybe they should call it rock and whine? Even Lady Gaga is more rock and roll than most of these new bands so hate off to her.
Punk is the only rock and roll thats left so hats off to GreenDay and all the other punk bands out there.

sex pistols | Reviewer: nick | 5/7/09

Sex pistols are revered because they where one of the first. The band we all should be talking about are the inventors of punk "The Ramones". The pistols were sitting outside trying to get in to listen the The Ramones. Johnny Rotten is a joke and if they were the greatest Punk Band they would have lasted more than two years. Green Day is an evolution of punk and it is appealing to a 2009 generation. Like them or not you trying making 5 albums with 3 chords and have them sell in the millions, true musical genius.

Green Day is an awesome band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/09

I don't really care what anyone else says, Green Day is an awesome band. One of my favorite songs is Holiday. There are a really cool band and speak freely about whatever they like, which makes their songs extra cool. Some songs havnt been THAT great but all bands have a time when they don't create top songs. It doesn't matter, they've made really cool songs and that's what makes them COOL.