Green day is Green day | Reviewer: I walk alone | 4/4/13

I know it is a repetition but I love GREEN DAY, always have and always will! I think this song is just brilliant and I really enjoy playing it on my guitar . If you haven't tried to play it yet, what are you waiting for? It's a lot of fun!
That's it from me.

Best Band Ever | Reviewer: Greenday Rocks | 12/6/12

I can't stop playing their songs on my radio especialy this one my favourite part of the song is the chorus

"Now I cannot speak, I lost my voice
I'm speechless and redundant
'Cause I love you's not enough
I'm lost for words."
I love Billie Joe Armstrong, I think he is really hot and has the best singing voice and guitar skills.

I love this song and I LOVE Greenday!!!!

Gotta love Greenday | Reviewer: #1 Greenday fan | 12/5/12

I've known this band all my life and I love them to the moon and back,this is one of my favourite songs and I love every word of it and sometimes sing this song in school concerts or celebrations.I think Billie Joe Armstrong is so Freakin HOT and has the best voice and I love the way he plays his electric guitar. Love you Greenday!!

AWESOME AS FU**!! | Reviewer: Kaitlyn | 12/22/11

I love this song... One of my favourites. I had to submit some lyrics cause they screwed it up a little, though :P Green Day's awesome! They will have truly lost all of their fans when I give up in them... Love you guys, never stop making music! Billie Joe's so hot and the most awesomest, coolest singer and electric guitarist in all og history. I found Green Day when I was 4.... I've loved them ever since. Billie Joe, you've inspired me to play guitar! Rock on!

Favouriteeeeeeeeeee..... | Reviewer: L u C y | 9/3/11

I love this song... Yeah, that's pretty much it. I just like to comment because the text is really cool...
Favourite Line: Like a production line going a over and a over and a over, roller coaster.

It has ROLLER COASTER in it, for God's sake.

The best.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/11

Green Days the best and this song really proves it, I mean they can consistently come out with new great songs. Redundant is definitely one of their best songs, but I like Jackass too. For people who don't know Green Day is coming out with a live album including some songs from Cigarrettes and Valentines, the albums who's master tapes were stolen. It will be called "Awesome as F**K"

Great | Reviewer: Ace | 3/30/10

I just list my girlfreind and I wanna express this to her and well " now I cannot speak, I lost my voice. Speechless and redundant, 'cause I love you is not enough I'm lost for words" says it all... I really loved her... And this song hits me on the deep abyss that is my emotions

hehehe green day the best! | Reviewer: St. Ozzy | 1/29/10

I didnt know that he wrote this song when he was fighting with his fight, thankz for that update saint emmy, i actually like learning new things i didnt know,
love this song anywayz!!

Who cares about the r"real meaning" of it? | Reviewer: Dark_light | 9/23/08

Trust man, its one of the best songs they did, music is born through pain, love and the mess inbetween. Reading inbetween the lines is no good. Music is pleasure and life man, dont read between the lines and you will do fine :)

Real meaning. | Reviewer: Saint Emmy | 1/14/08

It's actually not that sweet of a song. It's Billie Joe talking about when him and his wife Adrienne were fighting, and the phrase "I love you" wasn't said for it's actually meaning any more, and that it was hollow.
It's showing you that people just do things out of the norm and don't change.
Hence, redundant. :D

my favorite. | Reviewer: Ariana | 8/10/07

This is definately my favorite Green Day song.
This verses is the best:
Choreographed and lack of passion
Prototypes of what we were
Went full circle 'til I'm nauseous
Taken for granted now
I waste it, faked it, ate it, now i hate it


omgg | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/07

I rewind the tape in the car ntil this song everyt ime its my favorite old green day is awesome.

It's Green Day | Reviewer: Layla | 6/25/07

Green Day? Yeah, it has a space. Please note the heading of this page, t-shirts, and other merchandise for references.

SWEEEEET | Reviewer: Tatyana A.C | 5/17/07

I really adore this song so much. It's one of their best songs and it's one of my favorites. I love you GreenDay!

Eh? | Reviewer: Beto Potato | 2/20/07

Okay. So what am I telling you here? Am I reviewing the song? What am I doing? I don't know what I'm doing. I'm just bored. I love this song. *sings along* *sucks at it* I love this song. I love Green Day.