"Infedels are gonna pay" comment | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/10

No, I don't believe Green Day is against Islam in particular, just the violence that is associated with it. This entire song, in my opinion, is all sarcasm. They are making fun of all so-called "holy men" who kill the "heretics" because they supposedly don't believe in the same God. They're trying to show us that violence doesn't made someone "right"; it can only make their actions wrong because violence is violence. In their song "East Jesus Nowhere" they make fun of Christian extremists in a similiar way when they say things like, "Oh bless me Lord for I have sinned
It's been a lifetime since I last confessed
I threw my crutches in the river
Of a shadow of doubt
And I'll be dressed up in my Sunday best".

You know they can't mean all of that literally.

great tune...and so random | Reviewer: Josie | 12/15/09

I never really got what this song was referring to but i love it cause it's Greenday..and anything rated "Greenday" is awesome. Plus they talk about stuff that's happening to all people, not just a few...even in Dookie and Kerplunk, it was about "my generation" , stuff happning to OUR generation. And i never really got why people thought kerplunk sucked. I love it for one.It was like a follow up to Dookie. Now this album, "21st century breakdown", is Greenday's most outspoken work yet. Love it.

Take what you want from this | Reviewer: Maxie | 11/24/09

Infidels are gonna pay? Hmmm, could it be the boys disagree with Islamic extremism? What guides the misguided other than a "spasm of love and hate"?
"Detroit" has a big population of Islamists, some who believe in violence, is that why there is a reference to Detroit? And is the Peacemaker a Nuclear weapon, like in the George Clooney movie of the same name?

I love this song... it's kinda random. | Reviewer: Lisa | 9/19/09

I like this song... I could never figure out what it meant, but I always liked the lyrics to it for some reason.

And I don't understand why people have been thinking, "I don't like Green Day's new stuff," because every extremely popular band has to change their style --- lyrics AND sound. Sure, they may not rock out as hard as they did in Dookie, and they don't write about being bored in a house alone, smelling like shit, but they do write about what's happening in the world right now, and they find that important, so let them write what they feel is important. :)

Besides, Green Day can never disappoint.