Catastrophically amazing. | Reviewer: YourFavoriteNimrod | 9/18/11

I love this song truely. Also, since this song has my name in it, (Gina), it's a bonus. I would love to say the meaning of this song, but then again, it would make you guys look at a very long message. Long story short, I recommend this song to any Green Day fan that has never heard of this masterpiece. What's sad is that Green Day hardly plays this song in concerts..

One of Green Day's finest! | Reviewer: Whatsername | 4/22/11

This is a fantastic song! I love the bassline and the characters stories really convey a deeper meaning/message. (It's also a fantastic album... Although I'm a massive Green Day fan so I'm slightly biased!)

AMAZING! | Reviewer: madefromneon | 10/9/10

Stumbled upon this when i was looking up Maroon 5's misery. Fell in love. From what i can tell Virginia tried to get out of "The Business" and hitch-hiked, got beat up by some creeper and ended up in the trunk of his car with a broken bone. Mr. Whirly is drowning in debt and attempts suicide. He ends up bankrupt and homeless instead. Vinny is a pimp and runs the Drug Cartel. He was killed with a baseball bat and left to rot in the trunk of his car. Regina was Vinny's hoe and got sick of it so she killed him and took off to NY. Ended up in Las Vegas with Virginia, got high and they got married... or She met up with Virginia and the Truck Driver and they all got high, got married and had threesomes... take your pick lol.

My opinion on the song meaning: | Reviewer: Dayna Marie | 4/21/10

I believe that this song is deeper than given credit for. The impression it gives me is that eventually, everyone will be unhappy, dead, or destroyed. In "misery". Virginia runs away and finds Misery by leaving where she was. Mr. Whirly lost his home possibly due to financial problems and he is living in Misery now. Vinnie is probably my favorite of the group. A hustler out of Amsterdam, obviously causing problems for others for himself. Into drugs, horrible fate brought upon him by himself. He is already living in Misery but that is not enough. Dead in a Cadillac, a sure sign of "class" and often gang activity, killed to avenge some Misery he caused others. His final payment. Regina is married either to a dope but more likely married while high, her choice altered by drugs. Did she marry Virginia?
Anyways, the point is that human beings bring their own faults upon themselves, and that surely everything ends

Answer | Reviewer: Misery | 3/17/10

It's about the solar system and the end of the world - lots of hidden meaning in Ger en day songs - still awesome

Alternatives? | Reviewer: Ghalode | 10/25/09

I have been trying to figure out what this song means ever since I first saw the lyrics. I don't think guy on a loack anastic has it completely correct. Although I think drugs do play a role in this song (ie: "Gonna get high-igh-igh, when we're low low low), but I dont know if the entire song follows that one concept. So I would want to hear some alternative possibilities from other people. Please & thank you.

Great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/09

I agree with all of the above. [except metaldude*] The lyrics are amazing, the riffs are perfect for the setting, and it isnt nearly respected enough as it should be. :D

*Metaldude: If you hate them so much, why do you waste your time researching their song lyrics, reading the comments, and then posting one of your own?

misery-what it means. | Reviewer: guy on a loack anastic. | 6/28/09

you dopes! Misery is a drug (well,in the song it is) . Even i can work that. That's why vinny, the DRUG dealer gets bludgeoned by a baseball bat in the name of MISERY! do you get it?!!! Great song. I prefer Greendays older songs more than their newer ones!

I'm out!

to joy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/07

I thank god that they don't play it on the radio. I hate when bands as great as these gets popular and gets called pop so everyone wants to listen to them. it's sad.

My favorite song ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/07

To this day it is my favorite song and I don't really like Green Day at all. I keep trying to like them as this is the best song ever made so they must have other good stuff one would think. But they don't. Keep in mind that I'm 37 years old and have heard a great deal of music in my life. This song tops them all.