My Life Anthem | Reviewer: Shy | 4/28/12

I love this song so much that i think it is my life anthem because every word relates to me, i lose keys, my phone, im lazy, half the time nothings on tv so i keep changing channels, mum rekons i should get a job when i can, she half hates her job coz she works with bratty or autistic kids, when im home alone, i dont lock the doors most of the time, im 14 now and this song is my freakin anthem, and goddamit i can't stop listening to this!!!

Longview rulez! | Reviewer: Nilaiah | 4/13/11

"Longview" lyrics seems quite bit crazy and unacceptable, but the song is sooo fuckin' great! The song really tells y'all about how much boredom can be intensive sometimes while smokin' marijuana, masturbatin' and gettin' lonely in the house as hell that you ain't got shit 2 do at all.

Sounds like... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/11

This song is masturbation and boredom and loneliness and divorced parents and weed and dead end jobs and suburban American life. The long down periods of relatively quiet bass, mixed in with quick periods of loud, fast guitar "strokes" represent the kinda day he's having, long periods of monotony mixed in with short periods of self-induced excitement, his only release. Cool tune.

Greenday rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/11

The first song i actually paid attension too, like really listened to every word was boulivard of broken dreams. I love this song too, i like them both cause i can relate to them.
Oh and by the way the slitting wrist comment is not about the song, the idiot makes an asumption that because we are assosiated with punk rock we are EMO. And on technicality its mostly goth that slit their wrists. I am not either EMO or goth. I am just an ugly 21 year old aussie virgin.

One of the BEST Green Day songs ever. | Reviewer: Lisa | 8/31/09

This is the best song from Dookie, and one of Green Day's best songs, too. This is why they are awesome... they can go against the mainstream, but at the same time, write about what they want to.

And that is why Green Day is my favorite band.

DUHHHH | Reviewer: Morgan | 8/29/09

First of all: i fucking love green day and this song and i think they can do no wrong. Back to the song: it is about being bored and masterbating. Duhhh. Big deal i think its genius. In the words of outkast- relax, its just music.

21st Century 1st Verse | Reviewer: KMurphy | 2/15/09

This song is awesome and it's great because almost anybody can still relate to how much it sucks being bored. I just came up with a 21st century version of the 1st few lines, for fun:

Sit around and watch YouTube
But nothing's on
I click on videos for an hour or two...

The rest is still applicable (as are the lines I "re-wrote"), it's just for a bit of fun.

Slitting wrists? | Reviewer: Izzy | 11/23/08

When I first heard this song it did take me a couple of tries to understand it but I just don't see how you guys think he's cutting his wrists or whatever. I don't see a single place where it says "blood", or "wrists", or even "depressed". I do however, see "boredom", and "masturbation". Boo, and Yah

Still Relates! | Reviewer: Seanathan | 2/1/08

Man, I remember sitting in my room listening to this song and just sitting there, bored out of my damn mind. This song still relates with me, too. I have it stuck in my damn head all the time. Doesn't help that it's the first song I got laid to, lol!

longview..... | Reviewer: scott | 12/7/07

this just shows how fucking lonley you are and that masturbatings lost it fun because instead of watching every type of porn on the internet you are here right now reading this complete load of shit that a complete cunt like me has written whilst pissed after being rehabilitated from drugs
and yes me saying what i just did applies to me because i have masturbated enough and being lonley enough to comment on a homosexual disscussion board but who gives a shit if the worst point in your life can be a retired lonley wanker by 20 at least your not dying of HIV in africa.... if you just read this i suggest you ignore this because my name may as well be lucifer thanks goodnight and FUCK YOU

Great Song | Reviewer: Jer | 10/4/07

Boltboy's right. I'm pretty sure there's nothing in there about slitting wrists... but it is a great song. The bass info is incredible.

yeah its a good song | Reviewer: Boltboy | 6/28/07

U guys talk about relating to it!?!??! it's about a guy who gets bored, takes drugs (smokes his motivation) and slaps his beef (bits his lip and closes his eyes... he's peaking!) did u actually read the lyrics? he tosses off and tells ppl he won't go blind. Where the hell do u get this junk about materialistic snobs and slitting wrists?

DO SOMETHING....ANYTHING | Reviewer: Alex | 6/2/07

This has GOT to be the apathy anthem of the 90s lol
i heard it when i was like 9 and it kinda scared the shit outta me to be honest
i mean at the time it was the sound of meaningless and pointless noise to me

But revisiting that classic video on lnie 12 years later showed me what a funny little number it is too, it has an infectious, edgy claustrophobia
to it &
i dunno about anyone else but ive certainly felt like flipping out and doing something drastic like carving up a couch just to alleviate the suburban bland blues

it endures cause
talks to all of us spolied middle class brats i think about how in the end, material comfort won't stop you from going fucking bat shit :)

WTF Greenday is awesome, but dont fall to apathy | Reviewer: austin | 4/30/07

I love this song as much as the next guy, but if yoru bored... go freakin do something and stop slitting your wrists.

ilovthissong | Reviewer: matt | 3/23/07

this has to b my favorite DOOKIE song. its so awesome hahe