Damn..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/09

Haha thanks CPK you just brightened up my day with your lefty BS trying to make yourself seem above everyone else. I'll have to tell my "Voilence" loving Republican friends about this. And just so that you know, for future reference, we love violence against incredibly violent people such as the religious zealots of the middle east. The funny thing is that you lefty pussies stick up for some of the most brutal people who inhabit this earth: you can be killed over there for not being Muslim, women can't reveal any parts of their bodies, and homosexuals are beaten without remorse (all of these go against your strictly Progressive agendas). So the next time you try to accuse us normal christian righties of being religious zealots you need look no further than your terrorist buddies across the sea..... Oh and by the way, the vast majority of the country supports the war against Terrorism but they don't talk about it because they're afraid of being called: homophobic, xenophobic, war-mongering, racist and all of the other words that you lefties WAY-overuse....they also hate Obama and all of his blatant fucking lies.

P.S. Obama escalated troop levels in Afghanistan so maybe you guys should actually LISTEN to Green Day and stop buying the media bullshit, I'm a violence loving republican and even I agree with them on that one.

Wow... | Reviewer: CPK | 7/12/09

I love reading the claims that this song is a dig at the left. Hey, news flash, they supported Obama. But whatever, it isn't like this is the first time the right screwed up( Patriot Act, NCLB). So, all you "voilence loving republicans", please stop making fools of yourselves and realize the majority of the country hates what you're saying. This isn't a jab at Obama or an attempt to provoke idoits, not unlike yourselves, to attack the government. What the song says is to understand the problems that you face and correct them how you feel. We must remember people that this is first and foremost a punk band. Most punk bands talk about voilence as their medium, has anyone heard of bands like the Sex Pistols, Crass, or the Dead Boys.

Get a grip you "sold out" comment idiots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/09

Whats with you people sayin that green day sold out. If you talent that you love to do why not get paid for it. They dont have a boring 9-5 job that they have to trudge to each day they get to rock out and have a blast, and heaven forbid get paid for it.

Bravo! | Reviewer: Matt | 7/1/09

Great song. Great energy. Green Day makes great music, regardless of people calling them "fake" or "sellouts". Oh, and maybe they dont write songs about smoking pot and want to be taken seriously because they GREW UP! You should try it sometime..

Psh. ha. | Reviewer: Kurt Ambrose | 6/25/09

I love how you're all trying to be smart by throwing your analysis BS at this song and pretending to be socially aware.

Face the facts. Green Day is everything "punk" and "anarchy" stood against: the corporate market. Big business. They're dogs of the RIAA just like most everyone else. Green Day sells records because of posers who do nothing but consume, consume, consume because they want to be part of the scene.

I love how Green Day spent the greater part of their career singing about being stoned, then suddenly they want to be taken seriously.

Why didi this song have to be so good?! | Reviewer: the enemy | 6/23/09

I used to be a hippy. I used to like the idea of peace. I used to settle matters non violently. I used to like it that way . . .until I heard Know your Enemy. Imspiration, ideology and a big chunk of comon sense in one blow. Bravo Greenday. Go and show Greenpeace(boooooooo!) who's the boss!

Kewlage | Reviewer: Don't Talk. Just Hug. | 6/13/09

I am officially giving this song the title of kewlage, not only because it signifies the long-awaited reappearance of Green Day (and that, my friends, is music to my ears - no pun intended), but also because it is a freakin awesome song and it has inspired me to try and learn the bass guitar after attempting the actual guitar and getting nowhere fast! Lol - and I thought I'd given up on being cool. I just love the whole rebellious-punk-with-crazy-eye-make-up thing that these guys have going on. \m/

THIS SONG ROCKS | Reviewer: FMK1 | 6/8/09

All you hippies who promote peace might as well shut up, because you have to face the fact that there will NEVER be peace in the world. There is always an enemy. I used to only like a couple of Green Day's songs but now I like them all! This one is by far the best! So go ahead and hate, but I'm sticking up for the violence loving republicans in the world! P.S. Global warming is a conspiracy!

think about it, dont just blame the government for christ sake -.- | Reviewer: F | 5/28/09

In agreeing with "AG", one can still say that this is far from what people are used to, coming from these three gentlemen. Yet, why the response is so full of shock, "distance" due to the ability to relate to this topic, is because people are scared, not being used to think about enemies, and thats ok cause all we want is peace love and understanding, right? Yet one cannot fail to realise that we are indeed our own worst enemies, and what evil lies inside of us, and that cannot be ignored. Like Sun Tzu: "first know yourself,without understanding of ones own capabilities and weaknesses, there is no need to know your enemy at all as the battle is already lost. only when you know yourself can you turn your eyes to outer conflicts and problems"

thank god for this song | Reviewer: Gretchen | 6/1/09

okay i use to be a jobro fan, i was sorta obessed(or majorly obessed) but ever since i listen to this song i just stopped liking the jobros and went on to liking green day and other rock bands, so basically this song got rid of my, of what some ppl say "bad music" or "little kid music". seriously i use to be a disney fan, but now i just rather listen to real rock like marliyn manson or greenday, lol tank u greenday for making me grow up! I love u!

Re: This song - Shane | Reviewer: HumanBeing23 | 5/27/09

Okay, first of all, no one said you had to listen to this song, and it's called Freedom of Expression, hmm, maybe you've heard of it in the 1st AMENDMENT?!?! Second, I know your only "voicing your opinion" but frankly, if this was truly "spreading violence and hatred" we'd find out about it. Plus, we must assume that other songwriters are guilty of this too! *GASP!* What are we to do!? Evil is taking over the world! Through our ears! Oh no! shut up and go find a better solution to our world's downfall than through music.

hehehe | Reviewer: XxXemoxsk8rx2013XxX | 5/29/09

i liked this song, the punkish energy that is, when i read the lyrics though i was kind of disappointed, though dont get me wrong i still love this song and will always remain a huge green day fan, its just after two years of awesome hits, i believe they could have done much better with this song

hmm ... | Reviewer: AG | 5/27/09

The thing is, that there is always an enemy, and no one can live without an enemy, as one will lose the meaning of his life ... This is an idea of famous german thinker Carl Schmitt. If one is not able to understand who is his friend and who is his enemy, he will be controlled or will just be killed. So there comes a question ''Do you know your enemy?'', and songs says, that one must know his enemy, which is quite a right decision !!!
And about demons, I think everyone has demons within himself, so to be able to carry on at these hard times that we live, one must rally up all of the demons of his soul ...

I'm not a big fan of punk rock, I'm a Pink Floyd fan, but I really liked this song !!!

This song | Reviewer: Shane | 5/26/09

This song just simply makes me sick. I officially do not like Green Day after reading these lyrics and listening to this song. Why? Because just that simply statement "Do you know your enemy?" is enough to brainwash somebody into thinking there has to be an enemy or there has to be violence, hatred, and destruction. This is exactly what Governments around the world promote to their masses so they can keep us controlled. And of course you will most likely see Green Day all over MTV, MSN, and a 'new found fame' simply because this song is healthy for the FCC. It makes me sick..the state this world is in.

:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/09

well first of all "who is the enemy" i doubt you even know "the enemy" yourself. you think your're so smart talking about obama and shit. well get a fucking life. just because you don't like green day doesn't mean you have to go and try to be all cool. BESIDES if you don't like them and this song so much why are you looking up and the lyrics and taking the time to write that post. once again. get. a. fucking. life.