for the last reviwer | Reviewer: emopunk | 10/24/13

im 13 n still ive heard plenty f songs from dookie, kerplunk,nimrod,warning etc...its tru they r gr8 bt d nw stuff isnt bad, like uno dos n tre...its kinda lyk party music(sounds lyk that).

My Humble Opinion | Reviewer: Sophie | 12/5/11

This isn't my favortie Green Day song, but I do like it. What bothers me is that people were saying that they a hate Green Day now because of these lyrics--that they promote violence and destruction. I guess you could mistake the song for that, but really I don't interpret the song about just violence, or killing, or destruction... I think it's about remembering that the enemy is not your neighbor, your brother, or your teacher... even if you fight with that person a lot. It's about working together (rally up the demons of your soul) to try and 'fight' the real enemy, which is the government, the way taxes work... all the corrupt things in the world. (so gimme gimme revolution!) Maybe I'm wrong about the meaning of these lyrics, but Green Day is an anti-war band. I don't think they would make "violence" the message of their music. And who knows? Maybe when Billy says "violence is an energy" it's suposed to represent strength, or forcing the government to listen to you, even when they don't want to. I love Green Day! They inspire me so much! Even if this song IS about violence,this song doesn't take back the meaning of all the other anti-war, inspirational, beautiful songs they've written.

Saving me. | Reviewer: Iceclaw | 10/6/11

This song saved my writing... and me. If I hadn't blared it all before my last day at Elementary school I'd be dead. I nearly killed a kid and he nearly killed me... No punishment since I said I had deliverd an attack of equal force in my defence since he made the first blow... or I said... Point: If I hadnt listend to this song as much as I had I wouldn't have been able to give that bully his due.

name change | Reviewer: Blood Bird | 6/2/11

it Ink Raven, n i change name 2 Blood Bird because it's a little more "me." but anyway, i don't just listen to American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. i like their older stuff too. And i'm 16 as of yesterday. so suck it.

and to the "Anonymus" who commented to a guy named "Mr. U.K.": that was the funniest comment i've ever read. great job.

Thank you Green Day... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/11

Seriously man, I don't wanna hear you bitch about posrs if the first songs you heard from Green Day are Boulevard and Wake me Up When September Ends. I love the new stuff, but I've been Green Day for over a decade. Kerplunk, Insomniac, Dookie...fucking classics. This is the music of MY generation. American Idiot is a phenomenal album, but get out the classics. Back then Green Day started inspiring a generation to not give up and not follow blindly and they just keep taking it to the next level. These guys just won't quit and along with all the other amazing bands of the 90's these are true hall of famers.

Kudos. | Reviewer: St. Jimmy | 10/14/10

So, I liked what Ink Raven had to say for the most part. However, to the last reviewer, Green Day has NOT lost their edge. They simply evolved their style as most bands do over time. This song and Horseshoes and Handgrenades are tributes to their old stuff, seeing as it still has the basic 3 chords that punk is famous for. And their new stuff is definitely NOT shit. Sure, a bunch of posers say they like Green Day just cause they heard 21 Guns. But for hardcore Green Day fans like me, it's all still Green Day, and that should be enough to make it worth listening to. But obviously I'm alone here. Good luck with your closed minded opinions in life. I'll be on top laughing as you struggle to stay afloat. Ciao! ^_^

to ink raven | Reviewer: tiff | 9/14/10

dude that is so fukin true!! ppl at my skul were lik GD is so gay!! next thing yu kno they're hooked once they hear 21 guns...the first song i listened to was bouluvard of broken dreams and wake me up wen september was soo great!! i liked it and have been listening to them since..its suxs tho..i havnt been to one of their concerts:( but yur awsum and rite about ppl bein posers they shouldn't lik ah band jus because of one song...its jus not rite...

To ink raven | Reviewer: Keiran | 8/12/10

i was born in 1994 and ive listened to GD since i was four and i love them and i saved up all my money to go see them in Auckland, New Zealand and i loved them, they are the greatest punk rock band ever and i think that 1,032 Smoothed out slappy hours, Kerplunk and Dookie are their best albums. Their new stuff is shit and i think they have lost their touch of being a punk rock band. all their best stuff is from the 90's.
From Keiran, Balclutha, New Zealand

Ink Raven is fu*king right | Reviewer: Athena | 7/29/10

Ink Raven ur right, even tho ur way more like of a expert than me cuz im only 10, i discovered GD on On Demand, me an my sis were bored an watching music videos and there was a bunch of green day, we decided to look at one, we watched know ur enemy, we both were like , HES HOT! (billie) we started learning everything about them,now i know all the lyrics, thier history, and more, Well anyway, my "friend" says thier gay, i was like u fu*king jerk u didnt even listen to them, when i told him to look up a couple songs he LOVED them, he was humming them in class,two of my friends were like that So ur right anyway Their just all fu*king idiots who cant make up their stupid minds, well I Love You !Green Day! (btw im a girl) Athena Age 10 Illinois

The Wal-Mart Revolution. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/10

to be honest I think green day jumped up on the anti-government boat. It would seem that they are indeed mass marketing revolution, which I'm all for if it gets people to think a little bit about the world around them. However the only problem i do see is that it will end up being a fad, like most store bought revolutions. Green Day seems to not have evolved past the simple thinking that made their earlier "punk" albums good. the reason why albums like dookie where good, was because they were honest. now it just seems cliche and forced. even if you look closely at the lyrics it kind of seems like you would have heard this song before. I'm sure its not bad and that it is listenable but in my opinion the lyrics could have been written in five minutes. Actually they are even analyzing and pushing revolution in a different more violent way which has a tendency to do more harm than good. the real revolution starts within the mind of every living human being.

The demon of your soul | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/10

To Ink Raven:
If the first song you ever heard was Good Riddance and you were about 2 or 3, that would place you being born in about 1996. Which would mean you are 14 years old. Not that age has much to do with anything, but no one wants to listen to a whiny fourteen year old who thinks he knows everything about a band because he has 11 years of listening experience. I guarantee you most people who know albums like Dookie or Kerplunk or 1039 probably have more listening experience. You're not impressing anyone. No one jumped on the punk bandwagon with Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown. Why? It's not punk. Hate to break it to you, but their last real pop-punk album was Insomniac. Which came out before you were born. Next time, try to be a little more eloquent in your love for your favorite band, so that I don't have to assume that all of their fans are as ignorant and obnoxious as you.

u people don't know crap!!! | Reviewer: Ink Raven | 5/6/10

None of you know Green Day as much as I do. I have literally been listening to them my whole life. first song i remember by them i heard when i was, like, 2 or 3, is Good Riddance (Time of Your Life). I know history of Green Day. the rest of you are all just wannabes who hopped the border to punk-rock when 21st Century Breakdown came out. So many kids at my school were like, "Oh, Green Day is so gay! They're the worst!" Once the album came out, there were a hell of a lot more kids wearin' t-shirts for them! And that just pisses me off. You guys don't know crap! if there are any true fans out there, then accept my greetings. and also, R U "Burnin' up, and out and growin' bored?"

Okay | Reviewer: JEJEE | 2/12/10

I think this is a good song, a strong riff, but keeping it simple.
The message of this song is to start think about stuff, not finding your enemy. This is like the main message of this album, and the answer comes in Restless Heart Syndrome, which is track 13 on the album.
Seriously, people who think this song sucks because "their is no enemy" wake up. It's just music.

To Mr. UK | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/09

Well it seems to me that you completely misunderstood my last post Mr. UK so let me explain. I never used the word liberal, so no need to make that inference, and by normal Christian righty I meant that I am a NORMAL christian not a fundamentalist tard. I never said that christianity makes you normal but you probably couldn't see that cuz ur head was shoved too far up ur arse. I may not be a majority in the rest of the world which is why the rest of the world has such major issues, cuz they fail to use logic just as urself sonny chap. Maybe you will remember ur own prime minister who came before chruchill, I wouldn't cuz the man was a cunt, who tried to appease Hitler and recieved a nice big Nazi boot up his ass in return. Thats why we had to bail u guys out from the germans.....TWICE. Oh and studying American politics at an A-level, my word how fascinating of u, well maybe u of all people would know that every class has a bias especially in a backwards socialist country like yours. Maybe thats why with ur magical universal healthcare people are flocking to the united states while we still have normal healthcare to get treated. U should probably read up on the Great Society programs that we have that give healthcare to all people regardless of income, it just pays better if u have more money, hmmm an incentive to work how awful!!! Oh and Russia may not be as socialist as they used to be but they certainly are reverting back to it under the grand messiah Putin. Maybe it is u who should read a book after u take a trip to ur local universal healthcare hospital and get ur head firmly removed from ur ass.

Anonymous Republican Prat | Reviewer: Eddie | 12/8/09

That's exactly what we don't understand here in Europe. That the Christian Right are so afraid of their mirror image. We see many of the citizens of the USA looking for principles of a leader which match Usamah bin Ladan. I'm doing American Politics at A-level and looking at it all it's a brilliant political system for something built from scratch, but the history and the way the American people are astounds me negatively. I mean not that you care, so it seems. But apparently, according to my lecturer, you like asking what people think of your country: Nothing special about your land and I will not set foot on it until it has cleaned up its act. Oh, and Liberal is considered an insult over there? Well, call us in Europe that all you like and we'll thank you because well, it's more of an honour to where that badge. You're backward. A country who won't accept National Healthcare. Stop calling Russia socialist, it isn't anymore, it's capitalist as much as you lot.

Green Day and positively outspoken and I like them for it. They seem to confirm suspicions. Mr Republican you can be as proud as you like - in the USA you may be in a majority but across the world not so, even our conservatives think you're right pillocks. You think you're normal by being a christian right member? Again, only in America, you irrational lot.