Know Ur Enemy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/09

I totally loved rocking out to this song, that is. . . . until i read the lyrics . . .wuts up with "rally up the demons in ur soul" seriously, ill never appreciate their music the way i did a couple of yrs ago.

Who is the enemy? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/09

I do appreciate that this song suggests taking action in the face of your enemy. Getting angry is not enough, you have to react.

That being said, I think Green Day and most of you on here are a bit confused about the state of America these days. The "anti-authority" left is running the country and basically making up laws left and right to limit old-fashioned values. The Obama administration has done more damage to the future of America in just a few months than the Bush administration ever dreamed. Get over it. What will the world be like when no one cares what anyone else does and everyone from children to pedophiles has the "right" to do whatever they want. What will be left? What will be important then? The absence of authority is anarchy and destruction. Trust me, Islam will not allow America to fall into anarcy and destruction. When there is a void of authority, it will be filled. Yes, violence is a force--like a bulldozer or a bomb. But do we really want to tear down the walls of our home?

Not amazing. | Reviewer: Feedthetruthtothelies | 5/14/09

As a big Green Day fan I have to say it's not what I'm used from them. I used to like their lyrics A LOT. Green Day was a big inspiration for me 2 years ago. But the lyrics to this song are just.. weird? Can't relate to it, can't understand what it's about, and I really can't understand why it's up in the Dutch charts.

Not good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/09

This song was written in a half hour at the most, I hope it's just filler. Bille Joe Armstrong has no idea who his enemy is anymore now that George Bush is out of office, and from what I've heard of 21st Century Breakdown, the album reflects that lack of focus and direction. Even in interviews the band seems to have no idea what this album is about.

coolyo | Reviewer: miranda toler | 5/10/09

I LOVE know your enemy its my fav song ever on my face book and on my myspace they are my 1st song!!! i thank you for that song!!! =)=)=) if i had to chose from a scale between 1 and 999,999,999,999 i would pick 999,999,999,999