Crowd control 101 | Reviewer: KingJK | 4/2/14

When they play this in bullet in a bible i have to say it is the most amazing live performance ive ever seen
Billie owns that crowd and they are willing to follow him anywhere
I love the call and answer Billie has with the crowd and i have gotten alot of inspiration from this on how to better my own frontman skills
All out amazing performance of an amazing song

Mainstream Bull**** | Reviewer: Ethan | 6/26/07

Well. Alotta there new mainstream stuff is SHIT. I dunno why but this song sticks out.

Amaziing*song. | Reviewer: Chyeahhh<3 | 4/12/07

ii love this song so much greenday made this song sooo amazing sure its long but still i LOVE it!!!
its really cool <3 and i love billie joe soo much i mean ugh I LOVE GREENDAY<3 I LOVE THIS SONGGG! its my fav. song from them<33333333 yehh i whoever dosnt like it they must have some mental issues... =/ lol okay well, whateverrr =] i love it thats all.

SOooo emotional! =) | Reviewer: Alice | 5/18/06

Actually, this song was originally written and sung by The Isley Brothers in 1959. But Green Day made it sound like a new one!
Its performance is worth buing BULLET IN A BIBLE. Really!
I think Billie Joe brought this song a second life! =)

Yay! Good Song! | Reviewer: Laura | 4/24/06

I love this song on Bullet in a Bible... I like any song on Bullet in a Bilble for that matter. I love how by the end Billie just lets the crowd practically take over the song! This is a really good song

Typical Green Day kick ass song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/06

This song seems very unlike most current Green Day songs, which I prefer, Although I'll listen to Dookie and Nimrod every once in a while. This is just a fun, cool song. It's kinda cheezy sounding though...on bullet in a bible, Billie Joe is seemingly going "oh-oh-oh-ooooohh" repeatedly. Big deal I love this song

a "Green Show" ^.^..pukui!! | Reviewer: Jenny | 1/13/06

This song comes in the CD-DVD "Bullet in a Bible", it's amazing how a "Green show" is, how this amazing band interacts with their fans (no like others that just sing and don't make us participate at all ¬¬)and how they enjoy the show with us that's why I love them Green Day rocks!!! ^0^!!!