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Performed by Green Day

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@ Wes Kalbus | Reviewer: neuralgia | 2/7/12

Sorry but how exactly did American Idiot "ruin" their career, it is their highest selling album and they played some of there biggest shows off the back of it,the shows at Milton Keynes that were turned into the Bullet in a Bible dvd for example??...??? Anyway awesome song definitely one of my favs off Nimrod!!

Awesome Song | Reviewer: James Neech | 8/18/11

I agree with you Wes, I just had a fight with my "girl" and shes the most annoying girl in the world when it comes to fights you just want to shoot yourself in the head. So i showed her this song and it seemed to make her happy....Except happy about the fact that she'd won. This song is exactly how i feel right now :/ But amazing song by Green Day

Awesomeness | Reviewer: Noah | 4/15/10

No offense, but anyone who thinks they've ruined their career is stupid. They simply took a different style and approach, just as they did when Warning came out. This CD was fantastic, yes, but that doesn't mean their new stuff is any worse. You're comparing 2 different styles, and 2 different mediums. Growth as musicians should never be looked down upon. GD 4 LIFE!!! haha

uah | Reviewer: elynuts | 11/19/09

this song is just awesome and one of the best in Nimrod, for sure.
Still, I don't think they've ruined their career whatsoever.
They're just different but they haven't destroyed anything. They're still gods.

Absolutely Amazing | Reviewer: Wes Kalbus | 6/12/09

back when Green Day was Green Day.

this song has a special place in my heart, because (sometimes sadly) this is the story with me and my GF, cause i do mess up a lot. i sent her this song one time after a particularly bad one, and it really cheered her up; that's the power of Green Day in action. they are absolute gods and i'm so sad that they have ruined their career with two horrible albums in a row. Oh well, at least we got these amazing five before their path to destruction.

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