THE SONG'S MUSIC VIDEO | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/12

This is the 5th single right off from the album "INSOMNIAC" and the 'Jaded' video is the second part of the 'Brain Stew'/'Jaded'
music video. The whole music vifdeo for both 'Brain Stew' and 'Jaded' was directed by Kevin Kerslake.

After the sepia scenes of 'Brain Stew', full colour comes in starting with 'Jaded'. The second part of the clip introduces Billie Joe playing his guitar "BLUE'. The rest of the video consists wobbly camera shots of Billie Joe to Mike Dirnt and to Tre Cool. Kevin Kerslake filmed the video in a small storage basement full high-tech, futuristic gear where Billie Joe stands. Caveman tools, old-fashioned provisions, medieval environment where Mike Dirnt stands. And present-day equipments with surf posters and ocean gear and background where Tre Cool stands.

There are also close and speedy camera close-ups with a toy Saturn craft wobbling on the ground and a spinning halo up on the roof.

There are posters on the walls that come to life when the chorus starts displaying swimming fish in the ocean and Hawaiian Hula girls dancing fast and displays of the spinning human anatomy.

Billie Joe jumping around whilst playing his guitar, finally the clip ends with the members being worn out. The single 'Jaded' goes for 1 minute and 31 secs. Both 'Brain Stew' & 'Jaded videos made together were released on December 1995. Both the split singles were released on July 3rd, 1996. The 'Jaded' video was off the wall and amazing thanks to Kevin Kerslake.

FYI | Reviewer: rand0m1z3d | 6/23/05

This isn't really a review (Although I think it's a great song), but did you know that because the song is about getting stoned, Billie Joe got stoned before they did the video shoot to give it a sense of 'realism'. Just saying.