Awsome Song!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Canadian Idiot | 10/5/2007

This song is Awsome and i agree with i fought the law & the law won if u dont like Greenday you dont know wat ur missing!!!

Wrong! | Reviewer: Thomas | 6/24/2007

Wrong! This sing was originally performed and recorded by Sonny Curtis and The Crickets, though the song is much associated with another band that covered it, bobby fuller four. Then Clash covered it again, and then in 2004 Green Day recorded it too. So its not originally played by Clash.:D

I fought the law | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/2007

Actually, The Clash covered it from The Crickets. But I like Green Day's version the best.

i fought the law | Reviewer: BrieAnna | 5/21/2007

this song is originally by the band The Clash, just to let you all know. but it has been done-over many times, and i'm really glad Green Day did a cover of it.
if you wanna hear more great songs like this one, check out The Clash albums. they're an older band, but their stuff can still be found in some stores and online. one of their best is London Falling and gives you a good feel for them as a band.

Green Day | Reviewer: Ashley | 10/10/2005

This is a good song all of the songs are catchy and are fun to sing
the cocerts are fun and they do some awkward stuff if ur looking for something new go to a green day concert

Greenday | Reviewer: i fought the law & the law won | 7/20/2005

This is one of many great Green Day songs.
I love it so much! It's so catchy and the chorus is fun to sing along to.
I went to their concert recently and had a blast!
I've never been to a concert where the band gets the crowd involved and going so much!
Whoever doesn't like Green Day, that's fine, but you're missing one great ride...

i fought the law | Reviewer: barrybassist | 9/15/2004

i think this song is the best