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Performed by Green Day

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boo-yeahness | Reviewer: thepatronsaintofdenial | 6/13/07

i love this song so much the lyrics rock they rae really in-depth people can really relate! --- i love the bit when it says noboady likes you there all out without having fun cuz its me basically summed up :)

Cheeze.... | Reviewer: Alex | 4/29/07

Not as effective or perfectly paced and realized as the other epic bookend to this wonderful album,'Jesus Of Suburbia' but just as sneakinly infectious, especially around the end of pt. 2 when were vaulted into the paranoid caffeine chant of 'Nobody likes You' through Tre cool's frentic 'Rock and Roll grilfriend' into the anthem like repetition of 'Were coming Home Again' which in all honesty probably goes on a tad too long but is Rousing all the same. Its a shame Mike Dirnt didn't sing Pt. 3 however like in live performances,.
I'm pretty sure its still Billie Joe at that point, with Mike as Background vocals
('Where'd you GO!?')

a amazing, if slow-grabbing track | Reviewer: whothefuckwantstoknow? | 2/13/07

i'd had the 'american idiot' cd about 6 months before i really listened to this track and now it is one of my favourite green day tracks. i love the beats and lyrics and the tone of Billie Joe's voice. All in all an amazing track, probalbly second only to Jesus of Suburbia

I love the beat to this track | Reviewer: vikki hall, 12 | 8/11/05

i just love the sound of this song its so meaningful i love beat to the bit that goes Jimmy died today, he blew his brains into the bay.
i like rock and roll girlfriend by tre cool

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