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Performed by Green Day

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Don't know Where I'm Goin' | Reviewer: Alex | 6/2/07

This has to be what the GreenDay trio does best,
sheer energy :p
Cap that with some of Billie Joe's smartest lyrics
and 'Hitchin'A Ride' becomes what it is,
one of the finest sing alongs to self destruction ive ever heard.

Help please! | Reviewer: Tom | 3/21/07

Does anybody know what billy-joe says at the end after the last hitchin a ride???
wb please thanks

Cool as | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/07

This song as great. American Idiot is a good song, but not as good as this. I love the whole albumn

To whom it may concern--; | Reviewer: Shane Boulanger | 4/29/06

This is my all time favourite Green Day song. I like Green Day's older music. I despise those 12-year-olds who only like Green Day for American idiot and have never heard any of their better songs like Longview, Basket case, etc.

This song rocks | Reviewer: kat | 12/31/05

I love this song! It is #2 on my <3 list for green day songs. Minority is #1!

falulah isnt my real name! | Reviewer: falulah! | 11/21/04

Ehem.... this song fuckin rules!!! gr8 song gr8 album!!! nuthin bad 2 say bout it nd i will be eatin crow 2night .
thanku 4 ur attention

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