Reviews for Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) Lyrics

Performed by Green Day

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meaningful | Reviewer: nic | 1/3/06

This song is so meaningful to me only recently herd it but it means alot! it was at a funeral of a close friend and i cant stop listening to it! Thanks greenday for making it!!!!!!!! R.I.P MATE xxxx

Beste song eva | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/05

this song was such a meaningful song, i had some family problems and this changed my life, i love the way it sad but saying you can make, just do it, no words can describe how i feel when i listen to this song

Everything is perfect,except for..... | Reviewer: Jryan | 10/3/05

It's one of Green Day's best,but it's too short,which hurts it in the long run.


So Sweet!!! | Reviewer: Tricia | 7/20/05

This song is so calming and so meaningful. Have you seen the music viedo it makes no sense but it all is loosely tied at the end. It's a song that you can take however you want and I don't think anyone can say any words to give it justice!

This song is great | Reviewer: Eden | 5/1/05

This song is the best song that has ever been written. It helped me & my friends deal with situations that we got ourselves into. It really changed the way I look at things. Its not one of those songs that talk about killings or beating your girlfriend, its sayng that youre going to make it through everything. You just have to hold on & not give up.

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