gogi97 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/11

This song is so awesome and i don't like how people say they aren't good anymore because i recebtly went to one of their concerts and it was awesome and i also bought their live album " Awesome as F**K" and it is awesome. This song is in it and its the one that they played at the concert i went to. GREEN DAY IS AESOME AS FUCK!!!!!

and i dont even know where pasalacqua is(or how to say it) | Reviewer: emo joe | 6/8/07

Man really brings back the good old days when hey they were good. I remember when i bought "Dookie" (yes the name still makes me crack up) i was hooked. This album along with the better a.k.a early stuff is the true Green Day. May their true music rest in peace.

=) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/06

Its great.it proves in thier ealier days they were/are great songwritghters! Its my favorite song ever. well next to Christie Road. GREEN DAY ROCKS!!!

Great early stuff from Green Day | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/05

This is a great song because it is so easily identifiable for young people and is more punk rock than their later stuff. This is definitely one of my favorite songs off of 1039/ Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, along with Green Day(the song) and At the Library. I hope more people will enjoy it or at least post their opinion here!