Feelings i can't hide | Reviewer: A songs lyrics | 5/29/11

I love the lyrics of that song. They are awsome. I love Greenday. Theyr music is something special and fantastic. This song is one of my favourite songs, because it is so creative, with such a beautiful lyric. <3

Hey | Reviewer: tay | 12/23/05

I absoultly love this song. but theres one thing.....it's not "a pig left in the rain..." it'a "A pet left in the rain..." This song is awesome. It makes feel all good inside. *warm and fuzzy*

reminds me of... | Reviewer: Whatshername | 12/22/05

This ong reminds me of me and one of my friends that so happens to be a guy. i cry a lot (he dosnt know though) and im sick of it and a lot of times he feels like dieing. You know, sometimes, i feel like im not just hearing Green Day, im feeling t, im living it! Becuase a lot of their songs remind me of my life. Its almost as if Billie Joe Armstrong knows me you know?

I love GreenDay | Reviewer: Donna | 10/15/04

I love Greenday this much and this song reminds me so much of my bf and I's relationship. Him and I have been best friends for the past 3 years and we started going out about a month ago and lately he's been making me feel bad lately always blaming everything on me and he makes me cry alot and i know that isn't a good thing and I usually tell him and even If I were to break up w/ him . he's and I relationship would just get worse unless i figure it out and whenever I hear this song it reminds of his and I's relationship and how I really am sick of crying and I will change his and I's relationship!