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Performed by Green Day

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American Idiot | Reviewer: JT | 7/29/11

American Idiot was a replacement album for a latin style album they did that was claimed to have been lost or stolen. I think it didn't turn out too well and that it was a good publicity story. I don't have any evidence but a latin album sounded like a bad idea and who loses master tapes in a digital age with multiple backup sources

ya Know ! read.. | Reviewer: whatsername | 11/13/10

the song was from Semisonic and Green Day covered it before American Idiot. Its not them style because they was nearly at the end of green day bandlife. they wirte an album called cigaretts and valentines most of this songs of this album was stolen so they dont want sing the song who dont was stolen (closing time ..) so they write American idiot..
whatever think what you mean to think ..

So many failures | Reviewer: NotAnIdiot | 7/27/10

I don't know who started this, but it obviously isn't a Green Day fan or a Semisonic fan. For the people that post it as Green Day I lol@you,hard.
If a radio DJ did say that this song is done by Green Day, s/he should be fired and ridiculed for being a fake based on the grounds that Semisonic and Green Day DO NOT sound alike AT ALL and whoever thinks they do, need to have ears cleaned out/head examined. If Green Day has done a cover of this (which I highly doubt)..I cannot find it anywhere. Even if I didn't know who did this song, it is absent of Billy Joe's nasal sounding voice.


THIS IS SIMISONIC NOT GREENDAY | Reviewer: prettyeyesaec | 1/10/10

ok people here goes...this is not greenday,or mathbox 20...its SIMISONIC!!!dont know what tard made this mistake go viral but he or she shouldnt be aloud to use the internet any longer.and for the people who think greenday needs to clarify if this is there song...why should they its not theres and they shouldnt have to right a retard with to much time on his hands mistake. :)

Cigarettes and Valentines | Reviewer: Steve | 12/8/08

If Green Day did cover this song, it might have been on the "Cigarettes and Valentines" album which was due to be released after "Warning" and "American Idiot" but was cancelled when the master tracks were stolen from the studioe.

To this day, Green Day has not released this album, but it probably exists in some torrent somewhere.

Here's Why I'm Confused | Reviewer: Melissa | 11/28/08

Okay, this song is on the radio all the time, and they say it's by Green Day. And Green Day hasn't come out and said, "Hey this isn't ours, what the hell?"

And yet, it sounds identical to the Semi Sonic version, it's not listed on any of their official pages, and we have plenty of people who say it's the same.

Green Day needs to come out and clear this up, because I know I'm confused. The people who are calling this by Green Day could just be misinformed, because of the radio. And the people who say it's the same could just be defending Semi Sonic.

Omg... | Reviewer: RJ Armstrong | 12/16/07

I don't know what some of you guys are talking about. Its NOT a Green Day song and it never HAS BEEN a Green Day song. It doesn't even SOUND like Green Day's style. Its an okay song in my opinion but its by Semisonic. NOT Green Day. I don't even believe they covered it at all.

?? | Reviewer: Ben | 9/16/07

why is this known as green day everywhere you look?
it ISNT green day.
and for those of you that said its your favorite green day song, it either means you dont know much of green day, which is ok, or youre a fake green day fan. and i hope it isnt the latter.

anyways. this was on the radio the other day, and it was one of those songs that you havent heard in a while and when you finally do you remember how good of a song it is.

wow | Reviewer: christy | 9/7/07

i dont get it. when i search green day on limewire this song popped up but i search EVERY album and this song is no where in green days history

Cover Song | Reviewer: Layla | 7/29/07

This is actually a cover song, it is not on any of their albums. The original band that created the song was Semisonic. The thing that confuses me, though, is that the band sounds like Green Day, but the vocals don't sound like Billie...

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