Brainstew | Reviewer: GreenDayRox | 8/10/07

Billie wrote this song way back in 1995 or so when his son, Joey, was a baby. Joey was up crying all night, so Billie didn't get any sleep. He wrote this song about how he felt. "Brain Stew" is also the nickname of James Washburn, a longtime friend of the band.

Got the info. frm

it's about meth | Reviewer: John | 7/8/07

they song is really about being meth... being spun out means to be really high on meth and those are the effects of it

*Shrugs* | Reviewer: Alex | 6/2/07

hmm i never though of it that way....iknow Greenday means a weed day but
'fucked up and spun out' and 'passed delirium' were always to me about what it felt like when your eyes felt like they were stapled open

i read it was Bille Joe's response to his newborn son keeping him awake.

and on top of that,i heard this at a time when i was uh struggling with my own bout of insomnia, so i guess i took it to heart as a song about sleeplessness

about brain stew | Reviewer: james | 5/23/07

good song, but i dont know if its about insomnia alex... i think its about being stoned. the lines "fucked up and spun out in my room" and "passed the point of delirium" kinda gave that away... and the fact that "green day" means "pot day"

On My Own Here We Go.... | Reviewer: Alex | 4/29/07

The first Greenday song i ever heard, and it was the 'Godzilla' remix to boot.

The repetive tune and its bombastic interludes are perfect suited for the idea of a night dominated by the scourge of insomnia....i mean, who hasn't felt like the bright digital clock is laughing them in the face? lol

I can't tell you how many times i got it stuck in my head

LOP | Reviewer: LOP manager | 4/13/07

Anyone who likes this song should watch the video at (its the first video on the right) and while your there check us out we're an up and coming band

Green Day | Reviewer: Moay Zi Heng | 2/15/07

I luv this song becuz i lyk it. I want to join green day band with my bass guitar.