Really? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/12

Ok .. Lets clear this up.

Crosstops are amphetamines.
They arent the METHamphetamine that all the tweekers are hooked on.
They're pills made in a factory and they've been around for decades upon decades. Much longer than most of the people who are posting on here.I think regular amphetamines were invented in Nazi Germany and given to soldiers. Crosstops used to be legal and might still be by prescription.(Why someone would get a prescription for crosstops and what kind of doctor would give it to you is beyond me!)

Insomnia is real. You can have it without ever using any drug at all. Some people have it really bad, and it makes them spun out. Drugs just make the spun part worse.
Lack of sleep can hospitalize you. No matter what the reason for it, or if you take drugs or not. You have to sleep or you'll become crazed, incoherent and you'll hallucinate. People who are bi polar don't sleep when they're manic. if they stay awake long enough, they end up in the mental health wing of the hospital.

Spun out: People on meth are spun out because they don't sleep. And lack of sleep is probably the only reason. If meth was a drug that you could just stop using and go right to sleep, users would get much less spun. I've met people who've never taken meth or any other stimulant in their lives who are completely spun! Mentally ill people are sometimes VERY spun. I know other people who are usually normal, but can get spun very quickly. They're just high strung, aggro types. Alcohol can make some people spun some too. And sadly ... I've met a few people who used to be meth addicts that were spun. Then the quit using meth, and years later they're still spun, or at least kind of spun. I know that meth is so damaging that it can ruin your brain and leave you semi spun for the rest of your life depending on how much you used to use when you were an addict. I've seen it ruin some perfectly normal people for the rest of their lives.

Geeked out | Reviewer: Upsrfun | 10/21/12

This song is more an obvious about meth/speed whatever you want to call it. Billie joe says he is strung out, plus talking about many other symptoms of some one geeked out. Another song written by Billie Joe specifically talks about using methamphetamines. I just thought I'd make that statement since there is soo much talking about whether he is talking about drugs or not.

Recovered meth addict | Reviewer: Kevin Brown | 9/22/12

This song is certainly about using Meth/Crosstops/Speed.....The bulging eyes come from being "sucked up" and dehydrated .....If you've ever used these drugs then its very clear...The crooked spine is about one arm being placed in a certain area on the body and we lets just say meth makes you have a heightened sexual urge..Get the picture? And being "FUCKED UP IN MY ROOM" is a very common behavior for Meth users. Isolation! It sounds like later stage use too.....this is when a person is trying to "suit" up for the next day and the clock just keeps laughing in your face ! Been there and done that! CLEAR?

The real Meaning | Reviewer: Kezza | 11/1/11

Billie Joe Armstrong has already explained that the song is about a mixture of things. He wrote the song when he was being kept awake by his son Jacob while he was still a baby, BUT he also says that it's about getting spun on methhence the reason that he wrote "spun out in my room"
It is also explainable by the effects of meth e.g cotton-mouth, throbbing eyes and insomnia

NOT DRUGS JUST TIRED | Reviewer: Jesse | 4/18/10

I also thought this song was about getting high out of your mind on drugs, but then i realized that he is openly describing insomnia. Opening line: I'm having trouble trying to sleep. Counting sheep but runnin out. That is what insomnia is. Having trouble trying to sleep. Now the misleading parts are when he describes the eyes, delerium and dulled senses. These aren't just the symptoms of drugs, they are also the symptoms of a lack of sleep. The clock laughing in his face is the best part. ANYONE that has insomnia can agree that the alarm clock is a bitch. And that every hour goes by you know that that clock is laughing at how tired you are. You keep telling yourself "Oh...if i go to bed i'll get three hours...Oh....If i go to bed i'll get two hours". Now it could be meth, but i think insomnia makes way more since and it is the INSOMNIAC album. But hey interpret it how you want, thats why i love music. It speaks different to all! If you wanna share your views or opinions just email me! I will respond.

lykwateva is an idiot | Reviewer: ew | 11/29/09

lykwateva needs to get his facts straight before he spews shit off about narrowminded wannabes.

Crosstops - Pressed (pill) form of meth.
Spun - To be high on meth. Much like being high on weed is called 'stoned'.

Meth is a powerful stimulant, trying to sleep on it is like trying to sleep after drinking a pot of coffee except your body is more likely even more exhausted because you're coming down off a stronger chemical. This can cause insomnia like effects long before normal delirium would set in from lack of sleep.

I think I get it... | Reviewer: Lisa | 9/9/09

I'm not sure, so correct me if I'm wrong. But I think this song is definitely about insomnia (hence the album name). These lyrics relate to me... and "spun out in my room" is referring to his face, after he says, "My eyes feel like they're gonna bleed, dried up and bulging out my skull."

This is one of my favorite songs from Insomnaic! Not only can I relate to it very well, but I love this new, kind of hard-rock, post-grungy thing. Green Day is my favorite band!!!

Ask the ARTIST | Reviewer: Tsuche | 9/9/09

I've heard a lot of different songs about a lot of different things, but I've experienced insomnia. This has connections to both, depending on how you're determined to look at it. I can sympathize from both sides of the argument. I thin kthe best way to find out would be to ask the ARTIST.

Sleeeep! | Reviewer: Andrea | 5/25/09

I bought Green Day's album 'Insomniac' about ten years ago and while I killed out songs like Jaded and Stuck With Me, I never really liked Brain Stew. I was 15 and it just didn't mean anything to me, it was kind of depressing. But lately I've had trouble sleeping and when I heard this again it seemed to make sense. The line that did if for me was 'The clock is laughing in my face' because I always do that thing where I look at my clock and say 'if I fall asleep now, I will get 5 hours sleep... 4 hours sleep... 3 hours...' Some people will say it's about drugs but we all interpret lyrics differently and thats a good thing. Oh, and I like it when he says the word 'crosstops', to me, there's a feeling of desperation in that one word that sums up the whole mood of the song.

sleeplessness | Reviewer: lala | 11/2/08

im sure this is about insomnia it reminds me of times i couldent get to sleep til the sun started to come up my eyes always felt like they were gona bleed and the name of the album brain stew is on is called insomniac so no dure its about insomnia

Insomnia | Reviewer: Spartan | 10/24/08

I've never done any illicit substance so I'm not gonna pretend to know what effects they have on you but I will tell you I'm an insomniac and I have been for about the past 10 years and I'm only 19 now, so I can relate to this song and everytime I hear it I just think of my insomnia and what a bitch it really is, I don't get any drug connotations from it at all.

Is just insomnia | Reviewer: Mac | 4/16/08

C'mon people, have any of you been in bed with a fucking virus, causing you diarrea and vomits, your mouth dry, not being capable to sleep for three days, your spine your whole back is destroyed. And guess what you have to go to the toilet every 15 minutes.... On my own, here we go!! Is just insomnia for what ever reason you want to think!!!

It is about Meth | Reviewer: blueize | 4/6/08

All I can say is if you have listened to the song and can relate then you know what they are talking about.
It is 100% about Meth and the effects that it has on you, they just left out the part about being angry with yourself and the feeling of panic when you hear the birds singing and notice that the sun is coming up and you are not even close to being tired!

if you ever stayed up for days...... | Reviewer: otter | 1/10/08

trust me..... if you ever have stayed up long enough b/c of insomnia you can absolutely feel spun out and fucked up...... my brain is stewed right now from no sleep & some pain meds & muscle relaxants so I guess I would have to agree that it is about drugs. BUT I do remember living on only 4 hours of sleep in 5 days and feeling really fucked up...

kjl | Reviewer: lykwateva | 9/20/07

Ive been on all sorts of illicit substances, I have also suffered from extreme insomnia... this song to me sound much more like and insomniac song not a drug song.
bet anyone arguing it is about drugs is a narrow minded wannabe knowall naive teenage snot who needs a good kick up the arse.