Wtf is wrong with them... | Reviewer: Mr anchor | 6/7/12

They should have never touched this song AT ALL. The original is better. How dare a mainstream wannabe punk band try to remake a perfect song a song that should never be touched by any band except the original band itself. Please. No more remakes of songs!

Yay | Reviewer: XxMafiaxX | 12/5/07

Love the remake, love the original.
Covers usually annoy me, but Green Day did a fairly good job.
Kudos to Billie Joe, Mike, Tre, and the rest of the guys {managers, Jason White, all those kids}.


i love this song | Reviewer: Aymphetamine | 4/13/05

the original was better
but hey they did a good job ish
R.I.P. johnny joey n dee dee
billie rules