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Performed by Green Day

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Hilarious | Reviewer: Lisa | 3/6/10

This song rocks! It's so funny and cute... Tre is awesome. I heard that they recorded it when they were drunk at a club... Dookie is definitely Green Day's best album; this song shows that Green Day can have a really good sense of humor, but at the same time, can write butt-kicking songs. This beats their new stuff by a mile.

Tre' | Reviewer: Desiree | 1/8/08

I had a friend who read the lyrics to this after I posted them in a bulletin on myspace, and she said that she cried and thought that it was about my dead mom or something.
And she has met my mom.
She is a retard but that made me laugh a lot!

all by myself! | Reviewer: emz | 2/17/07


=) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/06

HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!ITS so funny. sometimes i just skip the song F.O.D. and go stragit to All by Myself. It doesnt prove that they are good songwrighters, but belive me they are, it proves that they can have a sence of humor while wrighting thier songs!!!(i heard they recoreded it when they were drunk or high or they recoreded it while a couple friends were over for a party)

Umm | Reviewer: Ula | 11/19/05

This song's sung by Tre' Cool you dorks!! Babyish voice my BOOTY! Omg, it was awesome i went to their concert not long ago and he sung it too! it was great

Wierd song, but cool | Reviewer: Travis | 5/13/05

'All By Myself' is a hidden track on the end of Dookie (more specifically F.O.D.) that is sung by a more talking-type voice than singing and is played with just a basic guitar (sounds acoustic). In my opinion, even though this track doesn't match Green Day's style, it should have been it's own track as it is one of my favorites on Dookie.

lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/05

i think this song is funny but yea its cute!

I love this song..Its just soo weird its cute! | Reviewer: Helga | 2/20/05

This is a hidden track at the end of the dookie cd but its just a very strange song with a sort of babyish voice but its just so weird its cute!

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