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Performed by Green Day

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this songs rocks | Reviewer: Oz Osgood | 8/26/2008

This was my first green Day cd! I worked SOOO hard to buy it back in 95! I always loved this song but right now the lyrics really mean somthing cause my love lives far away! And I know that some where "we are together"......yes the distence really seems like 2000 LIgth Years Away

love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/2007

i love this song its so romantic. and hes saying how he only has eyes for her. cause he has green eyes and thats what malakite is a green rock.

yea green day's cool and stuff | Reviewer: monte | 5/22/2007

so like yeah. i juss decided to put this email up to say green day kix ass yo. ok peace.

One of the best trax off Kerplunk! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/2005

You have got to love this song. It reminds me of a girl I knew. The line " Hold my malakite so tight" reminds me of a girl Mal I knew that just blew my mind. Top album really empathise with same feelings I had for her at the time. Anywayz GREENDAY ROCKS!!!

i luvitt | Reviewer: ashleigh berdie | 7/6/2005

Hi, im Green Day's biggest fan! this is my third favourite song off Kerplunk. Did you know a malakite is a rock? Well it is...right-o. And how ironic, the guy i adore just moved overseas to Fiji and he is somewhere around 2000 kilometres(or miles) away(tear)

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