Tried to do it right | Reviewer: Aoxomoxoa | 12/9/13

I know it took awhile, but I'm glad to see this new band biography does a bit of justice to The Grateful Dead name. By now including the other 4 founding members, as well as later players, it gives a more accurate description of this unique band. I hope Tony & Mike would agree. Kudos 365 !

Is Ths A Joke? | Reviewer: Mike | 4/28/13

Seriously awful piece of biographical research. Over half the founding members are never mentioned, while the author seems to drift off into a review of another band entirely. As it is sometimes said, 'don't give up your day job'.

Grateful Dead | Reviewer: Tony P | 1/16/13

That is a ridiculous biography. Anyone heard of Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, Pigpen, Billy Kreutzman??? What about Keith and Donna, Brent Mydland? Of course Bobby was a founding member but what about the rest?

Biography ? | Reviewer: AoxomoxoA | 7/10/12

How can ANY biography about the Grateful Dead not include founding members Pigpen, Jerry, Phil & Bill ? ? With Bob Weir, those five were the true begining of The Grateful Dead. There were certainly other artists who played with The Grateful Dead for varying lengths of time, Keith & Donna Godchaux, Brent Mydland, Bruce Hornsby & Vince Welnick. Not forgetting the MANY special guests who have sat in with The Grateful Dead, such as Janis Joplin, The Allman Bothers & Branford Marsalis, just to name a few. To not include the four founding members is a great diservice.

P.S. Not to take anything away from Alphonso Johnson, Mark Karan, & Steve Kimock listed above, but they were not members of 'The Grateful Dead'. The Grateful Dead formally disbanded in 1995 upon Jerry Garcia's death. Again, not to take anything away from their musical talents, but perhaps they would be better listed as 'Related Acts' ? Just a matter of exactness I suppose.