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------ performed by Grateful Dead

Saved! | Reviewer: Dr. Mitch Medina | 2/5/12

Through the haze of at least three hits of acid, the message of this song resonated subliminally. It was, indeed, the voice of my wonderful Lord and Savior planting a seed in my soul.

Raised a secular Jew, I had no idea that there was anything other than the material world. Until I discovered the wonderful synchronicity of the early Grateful Dead. At Harpur College (my alma mater), on May 2, 1970 (Dick's Pick's 8, and Dick Latvala's favorite show) -- somehow the unsuspected existence of a spirit world broke in on me. It was a considerable journey out of drugs, and through Eastern religions before I embraced Jesus as my Lord and Savior on August 11th-12th, 1973. Now a Christian for almost 40 years, and a minister for 30, I date my spiritual awakening to that wild night in Binghamton.

In addition to that experience, I must thank Johann Sebastian Bach for not being an idiot and being a heartfelt Christian. I was exposed to his music in my teens, and wondered how such a brilliant man could believe in Christianity, which I considered to be complete superstition, and the one thing in the world that was guaranteed not to be true.

It's seems a shame to me that none of my idols in the Grateful Dead ever grasped the reality of a personal God Whose name is Jesus -- even though their shamanism showed me the way. I don't think that the Dead performed Cold Jordan very often -- I only heard it that one time at Binghamton. But I thank God that Jesus is more powerful than the satanic environment that the Holy Spirit led me out of. If anybody ever reads this review: Recieve Jesus, and follow Him! When you come to the end of the way, and along the road as well, you will never be sorry!

God bless you all!

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